Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Couldn't Sleep

We all have nights where we don't sleep as well as we could have.  But for whatever reason....I can't sleep tonight.

I woke up about 3:00am, went to the bathroom....and couldn't fall back asleep.  By 3:30am, I decided to get up and do something else....check my e-mail, read a few blogs.  I know that "experts" would say this is bad, and that the glare from the computer screen is probably going to keep me awake.  But as it is 4:18am now, and I am getting sleepy again....I say *pbfffffftttttt* to the experts.

I think part of my not sleeping was my To-Do list that was rattling around in my head.  I am forever making lists, mostly so I don't have it rattling around in head.  I think my To-Do corner of my brain was full, so I started an October To-Do list, and it is amazing how now that I got it out of my head, I feel more relaxed.

My list does not have the day to day stuff on it.  Just the extra stuff.  Errands, calls, loose ends.  I even made it pretty and picked friendly fonts.  Maybe it is just the tiredness....but at least the list doesn't look so mean now.

Other things I have discovered since I have been up:

  1. Orange Juice tastes yucky at this time of day.
  2. My cat is mad that I got out of bed (he sleeps with me).  He is on the floor next to me, waiting for me to go back to bed.  Normally he would be on my yeah, he is mad. (ETA:  He got over it.  Within 5 minutes of going back to bed, he was right back in his spot by my feet.)
  3. My desire to watch tv is non-existent.  So is my desire to read a book.
  4. My nose is stopped up....hoping it is change of season, and not a cold coming on.
  5. G-man's paycheck from his part time job has not hit our account (but in 3 hrs when I check it will probably be there).(ETA: was.)
OK peeps....current time is 4:36am.  I have been bouncing between writing this entry, and brain dumping more To-Do list stuff for the past 20 minutes, so now I am gonna try and get a few more hours of sleep.....


  1. hope you were able to complete your list and get more sleep!

    1. I added a few more things this morning. And I did go back to sleep....and SOOOO didn't want to get up this morning!