Thursday, October 11, 2012

Another Update-Type post

I realize that you are all on the edge of your seats when I post these things.  You get extra coffee (or water, or vodka....whatever makes you happy).  You turn the ringer off your cell phone so you aren't disturbed.  You tell the kids that under no circumstances are you to be disturbed.

Because, yes, I do command that kind of attention. 

In the random world of is a follow up to a few things:

1)  Car.  So the mechanic said that I have 2 bad O2 sensors, but he recommends replacing all 4 (sort of like batteries....when there are multiple, you replace them all). The cost....$550.  HAHAHA.  Apparently the "newer" blend of gas with ethanol have caused more air in the system and it has become more common for the O2 sensors to go (whatever).

We spent 30 full minutes discussing the car.  We have to get it fixed because my emissions is due, and the several attempts to reset the car have failed.  Good chance it won't pass.  If we don't fix all long before the other 2 go?  What about the 2 new one...will they last the life of the car...or will they too succumb to the evils of the gas blend?  (this discussion was after I got home from a Board of Education meeting, which was after a PTA meeting, and AFTER a full day of work....which wasn't a great day to start).

I could have throttled G-man for the next part.....He said....or I can just do it.  Probably would take an hour.  Would need a new socket (about $15 dollars), plus the price of sensors (ranging from $25-$50 per sensor, depending on the quality we get).

WHAT????  You knew all of this and you didn't lead with THAT tidbit.  *sigh*   So G-man will do the work, and replace the 2 bad sensors (they are on the same side).  And IF the other 2 go bad, we will replace them at that point.

2)  Trip to visit the 'Rents.  I have been putting off making this decision, and my husband so lovingly said "it is your call...I will support you either way." help there.  Eventually he caved and said he things we should the hopes that I will be able to have a face to face discussion with them and start to clear the air.  He said "family is so important to you."

Well, several therapy sessions have been dedicated to this decision, and I have to make it official in the next day or so.  Provided I can take the time off of work....I think we are going to go.

I am going to I can say goodbye.  I can't deal with them....and everyone has told me I will be upset when they die that I never got things off my chest.  So that is what I am going to do.  I am going into this knowing that a) we will be spending money we don't have, b) it won't be appreciated, and c) my kids deserve to see their grandparents.  I am not using my kids as pawns in this...but I am not over extending myself for their sake.  If history teaches me parents will see this as a punishment.  I am "keeping" the kids from them.....Nope.  Just you have to do make an effort, which you won't.  If my parents wanted to come visit...I won't say no.  I just know that they won't.

3)  Gas Tap/Boiler Conversion.  We had a great plan, that was foiled!  We called to schedule the tap, figuring we would re-visit the conversion in the spring.  Then found out we have 60 days from when the tap is installed to "activate" it.  As in...hook something up and start using it.  If we don't, they remove the meter....and no refunds.  So, we either have to be prepared to do it all, or sit tight.  We have to sit tight.

The boiler is still working, and we may have been jumping the gun a little.  It needs to be replaced....we aren't fooling ourselves into thinking we have all the time in the world.  But we aren't ready yet.  Maybe next summer....which will give us a little more time to get those darn ducks in a row.

And I didn't forget about Bossy's room....maybe someday I will show you!


  1. Wow... $550 for O2 sensors? I thought they were only like $25 and you could install them yourself (if it's the ones I am thinking about). That sucks you wont be able to get the gas tap done for this winter, but it definitely gives you some breathing room to plan it for the summer; and hopefully some better deals when the time comes.

    1. Yeah, I sputtered a little when I heard the price. Glad that G-man can do it instead.

  2. Well at least he told you before you paid for it right?

    As for your parents you are by no means using your children as pawns. If my sister/brother cant make it down here for us to see my angels then we pack up the car and go see them. The road goes both ways.

    Good luck

    1. I wish the road worked both ways...but apparently roads only go south. My MIL and my parents just can't seem to find a road, plane, train that comes north!!

  3. I don't understand why you're spending all that $$ you don't have to see parents you don't want to see, won't appreciate the effort, you'll be miserable, etc... all out of guilt. You are not responsible for their actions, only your own. I would let the kids call, write letters, send photos, etc... If your parents TRULY want to see them, let them travel or offer to help out with the travel costs.

    1. It is hard to explain, but in the dynamic of my family (I think some of it is cultural)...this is expected. I have never stopped the kids from calling, writing, etc. I have send pictures of special events, or ones that are just cute.

      But this isn't about the kids, this is about my relationship with them...and that they overlook that piece. This is why I am going to say goodbye. Because I am not going to be abused any further.

      If I don't go....I will still feel the wrath. Better to go and get it over with.

      As for travel costs....there will be strings if they help out. Been there.....

  4. :( (((Mysti))) I hope you feel better (closure?) after this visit...I really feel for you!

  5. Yeah, good choice on DIY replacing O2 sensors. I've replaced a bunch of these and only when they are bad. Wow, I can't believe the mechanic said to replace the two good ones too. I wouldn't go back to that mechanic again.

  6. Good luck with the parents. I know that's been driving you nuts. Nice job of the G-Man to replace the O2 sensors.