Thursday, October 25, 2012

Another Car Story

I don't know anyone else who has this many problems with cars.  I swear, we have them checked before we buy them....oil changes....all that jazz.

Last night, the muffler separated on G-man's car.  So now we have to look at getting that fixed.  It sounds like a low moan sound now.  I mentioned to him that if this is the beginning of the nickel and dime-ing on his car....we will need to reassess the situation.  His car is an '04, with 150k+ miles.

Now I have to figure out where this money is going to come from.  Our third paycheck money has been 2/3 spent on cats and my car.  I was hoping to use the rest towards the medical debt (as originally planned).  But now it looks like it will go to the car....

Seriously.....just want ONE plan to go as PLANNED.


  1. I feel your pain, same thing happened to us in the Spring, had to bite the bullet and finance a car as it was costing more to repair the car than it was worth.

    Hope things ease up for you soon.


  2. We have a good friend that is a mechanic and he always says to disconnect those engine sensor lights as they just cost you money. They go off for no reason and you take the car in and then they find something wrong that really does not have to be fixed. Mufflers are not expensive, but it is hard when it is always something. Keep the oil changed, rotate tires it all adds up. I feel your frustration.

  3. My first car had the muffler detach... and trust me, you want to get that fixed ASAP, otherwise it will cost over 3 times as much to fix the internal damage. I hate it when 3rd paychecks get stolen away by unplanned things too. But I'm keeping you and your plans in my thoughts. Hopefully they'll start aligning.

  4. Ugh!! That's a bummer! Always seems to be the way doesn't it?!