Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How NOT to plan a 20th reunion

ETA:  This may have not been totally clear....but I am NOT going to this event.  I had never planned on going.  And even if it was free....I wouldn't go.  If I had wanted to keep in contact with these people, I would have. 

I started writing this, and it was turning into a novel.  So, I am going to try and give some bullet points on the background, and then elaborate.

  • Graduating class had 400 kids
  • 10th reunion (2002) was not well attended and resulted in a huge financial fiasco that I don't really know much about.
  • Former Class President created a website for this reunion and fronted what appears to be alot of money in order to avoid the aforementioned fiasco (this is what is really making this story).
  • Tickets were discounted if you purchased early (not a huge discount)...but they did a poor job of advertising/contacting people about this event in general (I just found out a few weeks ago).
The reunion seems to be divided into 2 parts...a day time family BBQ, and then an evening Adults Only event.  All alcohol is included (this is apparently a major selling point, per the website).  You can buy tickets for one part only, or both.  There is not any discount for going to both.

But wait!  After the evening party, there is a planned AFTER party....a cabin in the woods (woo hoo!).  Keep the party going by drinking in the woods!  (We are going on 40...not 20....I have to laugh that this party is being planned to bring us back to our teen years).

The current price?  $180 per ticket for both day and evening events.  Kids are "free" for the day event, so you only have to pay for adults.  (Someone I know said....wow...that is more than you pay for a wedding!)

I had no interest in going....more the nosy factor that set me searching out this information.  For us to go, it would be over $1,000, including travel, food, hotel (we would need 2 rooms, assuming my MIL came North 2 hrs to watch the kids.  Staying with her would add 8 hrs total travel between driving up north for the day event, bringing the kids back, driving back to the night event, and then back).

The website stated that they needed 60 "people" to attend in order to break even on the cost.  The first time I looked through the site, there were 43 class members going.Through reading more...apparently someone's numbers are off.  60 people would be about 30 couples, and while I am not assuming that everyone would be attending with a spouse/significant other...I am sure there would be alot.  Guess not.  I think they meant 60 class members.

Updates included information such as "you all said you wanted to do this, so you need to buy your tickets!"  Apparently the President is losing money.  She seems very upset that she volunteered to fund things, and then people didn't decide to go.  Maybe the tickets are enormously overpriced!!!

The next time I looked, there were a few more people going.  And a class member generously donated $1,000 to the cause.  (While I am glad he has that kind of money to donate....it opened up the next part....)  So now the reunion is "saved" and they won't have to cancel.

Then they (I am calling the people who are organizing this "they" assuming it isn't just one poor soul doing all the work) got the bright idea to have people donate money!!!  Now there is a PayPal link and entry.  Even if you aren't going.....you can still donate to your class!!!

OK, so you want me to pay for your party, your alcohol......even though I am not going?  HAHAHA

They should have started this process at least 2 years ago.  Had a non-refundable deposit.  Actually asked people what they wanted, were willing to pay, etc.  Even if they did....I still wouldn't have gone.  I keep in touch with 1 high school friend.....don't miss any of the others.

Would you go?  


  1. Thats very funny. I like the donate button. I would laugh too if that happened to me. No thank you.

  2. 2013 will be 20 years since I graduated highschool. Glad I hated it enough to never want to go back again. $180 a ticket in this economic environment is beyond insane.

  3. HELL NO! I would not go, The past needs to stay in the past LOL Focus on the future!!


  4. WOW! That is really living in fantasy land isn't it? Sorry, I feel no need to collect in the groups and actually pay for it. I already talk to the people from high school I want to talk to. Though, I do have the "nosy" interest like you, but $180 per ticket or donation - I think not.

  5. I would not go to the reunion or donate to the reunion at all. Sorry but when someone fronted the money that was like they donated it incase enough tickets weren't sold. We went to a poorly planned 10 year reunion a couple years ago at $70 a ticket and it was awful. I will not be attending any more. I keep in contact with the people that I want to talk to and that is that. And in my case, if I really wanted to keep in contact with people from my hs I can always friend them on facebook. That would be a whole lot cheaper than $180....lol

  6. I would probably go --- but, that being said, I'm single, no significant other and still live in the same town where I graduated, so I wouldn't be incurring all of those extra costs. I was barely in touch with ANY person from high school before our 20th reunion, however, 2 of the girls I reaquainted myself with at the 20th are now 2 of my closest and most dependable friends. I do think there is value in class reunions and I've enjoyed ours.... however, at $180 per person, that might be a smidge tough to handle!

  7. I wouldn't go, just because I have no real ties to my school. I was there only for my senior year, and wasn't too thrilled of it. The overall cost of the event seems pricey... so if you think it's worth it, then go for it. I personally would just skip.

  8. Wow, that seems expensive for a reunion. I think ours was a picnic and then a dinner. I don't think I paid more than $50 for both events. And the casual Meet & Greet was at a local sports bar on that Friday night. So maybe $100 for all events (I took my little brother to dinner so I didn't have to go to the meet & greet alone.)

    Next reunion will be our 25th, and I do plan on going, but mostly because I'm now dating someone from the same class, so it will be nice to actually have a date who knows people there.

  9. Nope... I really have no desire to see most of the people that I went to highschool with and surely wouldn't pay $180/person to do so! lol!

  10. totally agree with you, I have a couple of people I sort of keep in touch with, but otherwise no desire to go to a reunion.


  11. We are going to hubby's class reunion next month, we hung out with the same people at only 2 years difference of when we graduated so I don't attend mine. It's a 3 day deal. Mixer on Friday night (at the motel bar, pay your own way), picnic on Saturday(bring your own lunch), dinner/dance Saturday night ($100.00 @couple, cash drink bar), Brunch on Sunday (Pay your own way)In addition we will have 3 nights in a motel as well as gas for the drive over. $180.00 for a couple to do everything seems like a steal to me!! Ha We do stay in contact with many we went to school with but live too far away to see them often. Hubby is excited, I wish I would have layed off a few ronds of seconds at the dinner table! Ha

    1. Maybe if I kept in touch with people and wanted to see them....$180 would be a steal. But to spend this much for people I don't like.....um, no.

      Enjoy your hubby's reunion though! Seems in your scenario, you are doing more "pay your own way" than having organized events (other than the where part). That can get $$$