Sunday, September 2, 2012

GBU - September 2, 2012

Why is it so hard to find a graphic?????

The Good:
  • Kids had a great birthday.
  • First day of school went off without a hitch.

The Bad:
  • Continually disappointed in family.
  • Check engine light came on in my car (it goes off sometimes, so I am soooo hoping it is just a bad sensor).

The Ugly:
  • $300 from EF to fix washing machine...which won't actually be fixed until Sept. 11
  • $500 at Sam's Club for stock-up shopping (included membership renewal)
  • Discover Card is higher than I would like.
  • Flights went up, so if we go to my parents' house, we would have to drive now.

You know the deal....what are your GBUs this week???


  1. Good! The garage is clean.

    Bad! Studio opens and I am back in full swing.

    Ugly! I will probably have another cataract surgery Wednesday. Yes #4.....

    Glad the kids had a nice birthday. Can't you just call parents and ask them to pay for the trip? I mean would they do that? My mother would for certain grandchildren. Well not foe mine:)

  2. $500 for stock up shopping! Yikes!!!! Was that in cash or did you use a card for it? I find that we will go do our sams stock up & use the sams credit for like $250 - it is horrible! I need to stop that b/c that could be $250 going towards something else when we have to pay it off the next month!

    1. We bought alot of meat. In our house, prior to the shopping....was one small pork roast, and that was it. We got chicken, pork loin, ground beef. No steaks or higher cuts of meat.

      Add in lunch stuff, household stuff (TP, laundry detergent, etc).

      Top off with cat litter, coffee, veggies.

      Plus the $40 membership fee.

      And there ya are.

  3. SO glad the kids' birthday was nice.

    I'm still anti parents trip. My gut says it's a bad bad idea and you need less drama not more.