Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Can you REALLY access the accounts?

When I balanced the checkbook the other day, I noticed that 2 bills that I had paid through the on-line system at our bank had not cleared.  Usually one of them is paid by "check", so it isn't unusual for it to take a few extra days to clear.  But the other one should have been EFT.

I looked in the pending payments, and they weren't there.  They weren't anywhere.

I asked G-man to call the bank and find out what was going on.  So he did, and he was denied the information! We have joint accounts.  His name is clearly on the account.  He could answer all the "secret" questions.  But they wouldn't discuss it with him.  Why??

Because I am the one who made the transaction (under my on-line ID and password).

Even though it is OUR account, and he could go to the bank and withdraw all the money, no questions asked....he couldn't find out why a $50 payment didn't clear.

I had to call the bank later, and in the end, the payments never processed (I can only think of one other time this has happened in the 7+ years I have banked on-line).  I redid the 2 questionable transactions, and it is fine.  But it is disconcerting to know that our bank won't talk to G-man because I am the one who physically pushed the button to process the transaction.

The only other time we have had this type of problem was with our last mortgage.  My name was not on the mortgage itself (long story that is here somewhere....).  So if we had a question, and I called, they wouldn't talk to me.  G-man sent them numerous letters giving me "permission" to discuss the account, and that would work for about a minute.  In the end, he would have to call, and then hand the phone to me.

Anyone else ever face this????  What did you do to get around it?


  1. We have had those problems as well - we just both make sure that we are there to make the phone call is all we can do :(

  2. I wish I was joking, but you just reminded me of a bad dream I had a day or two I had forgotten, where the payment for my credit card I had submitted in Aug 3rd still had not posted by the 8th. I never did check to see if it had posted, so the dream was suggesting me I may be late on a payment! I just checked and it seems I'm safe!

    Back to your story, I SO know what you mean. That's the story of my life. With the car loan I have been paying for 12 months now, they wont talk to me. They wont tell me what the interest is, why the rate changed, or why they tackled on random additional fees. My name isnt on the loan, since it's just my father's and my brother's, but payments are all under my name and they acknowledged this, but still would not forfeit the info. Same for the car insurance, where all the management info is under my name, but my father is the policy holder. So you're willing to take my money, but not give me some info? We've sent several letters, faxes and given too many calls to get this resolved with no result... However, for other different accounts (like my parents' utility bills and banks), all you need is to call and ask them to mark on your account that your husband has full access to your account and all the info therein. When you call and hand it off to him, make sure they are noting that he can call and get the info. Then hang up, call back and try it. Some reps 'say' they've updated your account but actually havent. Talk to a supervisor if that's the case.

  3. When I was still married, I used to have problems every time I called the cable company because my ex's name was on the bill. So I just started saying I was him when I called. What could they do, accuse me of lying? I knew his SSN, his date of birth, his mother's maiden name... The one time anyone asked, I said "I've always had a feminine voice. Thanks for making me self-conscious about it." =P

  4. Who's your bank? I use Bank of America... no issues there.

  5. This has happened to me numerous times because my husband opened an account and I wasn't put on it. My new car loan is in his name, so I anticipate this coming up at some point.

    The cable company is the worst offender. No matter how many times he tells them they can talk to me, they still insist on hearing his voice. I love the solution of saying you are him - that was an awesome comeback!

  6. I'm going to use that solution to the next time I have to deal with our cell phone company. I pay the bill, I have all the details, my dh is clueless at times when it comes to the bills. He knows they are paid and I've taken care of it. The cell phone bill is the only one that comes in his name because they tell me "there is only room for one name on the account" yet inside it clearly defines our accounts as two separate numbers with his name on one and my name on the other. I just got my new phone a few weeks ago and it took hours to get them to let me negotiate my fees. And now we keep getting calls from them because they want to talk to him to see if "he" likes his new phone. I keep answering because they are calling on my number! But they won't talk to me. Next time they call, I'll pretend I'm him, using my wife's phone and then let them know how upset she's been because they told her she "doesn't exist"!!

  7. In this day and age of identity theft, be glad your bank is so thorough. I have had to "get my husbands permission" to access info on so many bills, even though I do all the financial stuff. Most utilities were set up in his name when we married, and it was easier to leave it that way. It is annoying....but it is better safe than sorry.