Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sometimes you just need the push

About 2 weeks ago, the kids were playing outside.  G-man and I were working in Bossy's room.  Sassy came in to tell us she was ok, but the swingset broke.  I looked out a window where I could see the swingset, and yeah....the swingset BROKE.

G-man checked it out, and somehow the 2x4 that supported the set rotted.  I am so glad that no one got hurt.  But obviously the set is defunct now.

We have had the swingset for 5 years, so it lived its life.  Both kids learned how to "swing" on that set.  They had snacks at the little table.  They hid in the fort.  And took turns going down the slide.  It was well used, and well loved.

But the kids are going to be TEN (Mom...that is double digits you know.....) in August.  They aren't little anymore.  As we are remaking Bossy's room into a Rock and Roll "cool" room.....as Sassy has told us that she doesn't want her Littlest Pet Shops anymore (but the My Little Ponies....those she isn't quite ready to part with)....I am realizing that they are growing up.

The swing set knew before we did.

In addition to the loft bed we took down (and discovered that it too had lived its life), the swing set went to the recycling center.  For $21, we disposed of about a quarter-ton of our kids' youth.  But it was time.

Sometimes you need a push to get you going in the right direction.  Realizing that the kids aren't "little" anymore was a huge wake up call.  There are alot of things left to do, and time is shorter than we think.  With that said.....some changes are on the horizon.

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  1. it seems that we are just opposite each other Mysti! My dd has decided that she is done with all things barbie, pony & polly ~ but has kept her Littlest Pet Shop :) So sad how quickly they are growing!