Saturday, July 28, 2012

Oh good gravy....

Who's dumb idea was it to deep clean?  Some Masochistic idiot, I am sure.  Oh wait.....that would be me.

There are a few things I have learned in the past few hours:

  1. When you let the grease and dust build up, it is soooo much harder to clean
  2. My children have NOT inherited the cleaning gene from me
  3. G-man should have listened to me when we were painting the cabinets years ago
  4. There are a million and one things I would rather be doing than cleaning the kitchen
I cannot even begin to tell you how I want to cry right now.  I am trying to get the cabinets near the stove clean.  I have soaked and scrubbed.  I have tried degreasers and soap.  I don't use alot of paper towels, so now of course I am out.  And I am still fighting this.
Oh, and the paint is coming off.  Yes....the paint is coming off.

My husband didn't want to listen to me years ago about sanding and priming.  Or using a foam roller.  NOOOOOOO.....he just wanted to get it done.  Yeah, well in the years since we painted the cabinets, the paint has chipped off here and there.  They are NOT smooth.  And to top it off...I don't like the color (yes, I picked it out, but he refused to repaint them when I said I didn't like it).

Well, now the non-smooth cabinets have attracted every bit of dust and dirt.  And I can't get it off.  Or I should say that the hours it is taking me is driving me nuts.  And if I scrub too hard, the paint comes off.

I am THIS close to taking a sledgehammer to it all.  IKEA is a 30 minute drive.....I am going to go buy a new kitchen.  Don't care at the moment.

The cabinets are crappy to start with.  Oh why oh why didn't we re-do the kitchen back when we were young and stupid?????  I hate it all!!!!

Ok....rant over.  Back to cleaning.....


  1. I am SOOOOOO with you on this one. We had a bad paint job on our cabinets as well. I did decided to do a complete renovation, so we bought all new doors and drawer fronts that we are staining for the bottom and painting for the top.

    Sanding, sanding and more sanding - my arm has fallen off multiple times! Two prime coats, shellac then three stain coats then three seal coats (sanding in between).

    But the cleaning, well, that went to a whole other level. My husband told me this morning he never wants to clean again. Sigh, guess it is on me.

    Lamenting with you!

  2. I wish you were closer I would lend you my steamer (guess I could mail it to ya). My hubby does NOT have a clean gene so he lets things build and build. Because of this his only room to clean is the kitchen but he doesn't deep clean. I got the hand-held steamer for the bathroom grout and it worked so well I tackled the kitchen and it did an amazing job! Not to mention seeing the grease and grime come up was sort of a high (yeah I know how that sounds) so now we stay on top of it more.

  3. Ammonia mixed with water is a great degreaser and is fairly cheap. I don't know how well it will interact with the paint, but it might be worth a shot. It also works well for cleaning grills, the dust/grease off of stoves and refrigerators, and dog collars.

    1. Just be careful to keep it away from bleach...

  4. Try simple green to remove, grease build up. But I have the same problem I scrub off my paint.