Sunday, July 22, 2012

GBU - July 22, 2012

Another quiet week!

The Good:
  • The heat broke, and it is so nice out now!
  •  I got started working on my craft project, and I am so much happier.
  • Manged to re-do the playroom "virtually"
  • Have been responsible using our credit card for cashback bonus.
  • Oil bill went down a little (very little, but it is something).

The Bad:
  • I burned the ever-living CRAP out of my finger with hot glue.
  • Jonesin' to actually re-do the playroom (think G-man would notice if I painted???  HAHAHA)
  • Need a time!

The Ugly:
  • is amazing when you get your stuff in order that the Ugly isn't so Ugly anymore.

You know the deal....what are your GBUs this week???


  1. The Good: Relaxed and refrested from a week's vacation at the beach.
    The Bad: Really high power bill thanks to the heat wave we experienced.
    The Ugly: Leaving a teenager to tend house while you are gone for a week means a pretty disastrous mess when you get home.

  2. Looks like your week has been pretty good!Here's ours:

    The good: the deck guys are on their way to pour the footings for our new deck. It's been a long wait and we're finally here.

    The bad: it poured rain yesterday so they are now a day behind and our hope to be eating dinner on our deck tonight has been pushed to next week. Worth the wait but frustrated it's the middle of summer and we still can't use our backyard for another week.

    The ugly: a $250 bill along with a summons to appear in court in September - for not paying our dog's license which we clearly did and even showed the very nice (he really was) our internet banking page to show we paid it on March 30th. They apparantly sent us a reminder letter, then a reminder phone call and apparantly we "chose" to ignore both (which we received neither) so in the county's eyes, we're guilty. Now we have a fight on our hands. Tomorrow I'm going in to work late so I can personally go into the bylaw office to see our file. They came to our door on Friday night so it's been a hard weekend but now we have a strategy and hope it works tomorrow. If not, we're off to court. Lovely! For two people who work so hard to be responsible, don't speed, don't park in spots we're not supposed to, pooper scoop our dogs messes, pick our weeds, recycle and honor the earth, to be accused of not caring enough to pay for our dog's tags is disturbing. Wish me luck that I get a good clerk tomorrow!

  3. Ugly: Stinking hot and humid AGAIN!!!

    Bad: Couldn't afford to buy anything at the stores today

    Good: Had the family over for lunch, had a super time!!