Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday is Here!

This has been a hard week at work.  CRAZY busy.  So let's just do a light post today.  Play along!!!

What movie do you always watch if you see if on the channel guide?  That Thing You Do!  It has Tom Hanks, Tom Everett Scott, and Liv Tyler.  As a fine stinks.  As a fun catchy movie that I have seen dozens of it!

What do you use to bookmark your books?   I have a "bookmark" thong, but have discovered that it only works on paperback books.  Anything bigger, and it doesn't fit.  Then the cool Celtic Knot thing at the end isn't hanging out the way it is supposed to.  Yeah...I have problems.  So typically I will finish a chapter, and just "remember where I was."  No dog ear, no piece of paper.  Just good ole fashion memory.

Favorite Cereal?  As a kid, it was Frosted Flakes.  Now, it is probably Special K Red Berry.  And on a special occasion....Blueberry Morning (but it is wicked expense and it only comes in a small box).

There ya learned something about me.  Your turn!


  1. 1. 13 Going on 30
    2. Bills, receipts, clothing tags, scraps of paper, anything within reach!
    3. I don't eat cereal... If I did/could... Special K. Just the plain stuff! Yummy!!

  2. 1. The Holiday
    2. I have a leather bookmark my son bought me at a school event when he was in grade school. If I have another book going at the same time, it's just whatever scrap of paper I can find
    3. I don't really eat cereal much or have a favorite.

    1. I haven't seen that movie....I will have to check it out. And kid gifts are great!

  3. 1. This is so hard, Hope Floats, because it does. You can submerge it and push it down but eventually it will force its way back up to the surface one bubble at a time.
    2. Dog ear I am ashamed to say unless it is a leather bound version or I have borrowed it and then what ever is available.
    3. Fruit Loops!

    1. You dog-ear the book! OH, poor book!!!

      But you get back in my good graces for the movie that one too.

  4. I will watch Dirty Dancing every time I see it on!

    If I'm reading a book that isn't on my KoBo reader I will either remember the page or stuff whatever is closest to me...Kleenex, scrap paper, etc

    Frosted flakes. Still my favorite after 100 years!

  5. 1. Music of the Heart with Meryl Streep.
    2. I often memorize the page number. I hate pinching the pages back. I have a few bookmarks and will use those as well, when I think of it!
    3. Cheerios, Vanilla Rice Krispies and homemade granola with raspberries.

  6. I will watch You've Got Mail every single time it is on. Even if it is on 3 days in a row. I love it.

    I dog ear books even though my first job was at a library and doing dog ears was a mortal sin.

    I love cap'n crunch, can eat a box in a day. Sadly, when all my friends got to eat it in the '80's my mother refused to buy it.....ever. Now, I don't eat breakfast.

  7. 1. Tomb Raider
    2. Mostly I just refind the page. I have so many book marks and I never use them. Bad jolie.
    3. Special K with almonds.