Monday, July 16, 2012

Do you Freecycle?

For those who don't know what Freecycle is basically a local group (they are all over!) where members offer items that they no longer want (for free), and others are able to take advantage of the goods.  It is designed to keep stuff out of the landfills.  And on the opposite side, members can ask for items they need, in hopes that someone may have it to get rid of.

When it works the way it is supposed to, it is a nice system.  Granted, items that are more "interesting" are harder to get, as many people will "request" them.  I have replied to many postings and not gotten the item.  But I have also gotten a few things (plants, some baskets, a few other little things).

My biggest "score" was the loft bed we just took down for Bossy.  I posted a "wanted" and a very nice family responded that their son had outgrown it, and we could have it.  It worked out great.

I have also posted several "offers," most of which are taken fairly quickly.  Some one wants....even for free!

But there is an ettiquette to all of this, and people seem to forget this.  I have become quite irritated about the lack of decorum, and now refuse to respond to people who don't respond "appropriately."  I always ask for the person to tell me when (day and time, approximately) they can pick up the item.  And state if they don't include this information, I will not consider their requests.

Well, I posted stuff yesterday, and the moderator asked for the "big ticket" item....and didn't include the pick up information.  So, no go.  Eventually someone else did, and I gave it to them.

The biggest thing is irks me is that people don't even use basic manners. They respond with "I will take number 1 and 2."  Um, no you won't.  I am offering something for free...the least you can say is please and thank you.  Or people who aren't interested in items, but because they are free, they just want it.  I have had people who respond they are interested in many items.  Well, sometimes I have already promised those items, but 1 or 2 are still available.  When I offer just those...they decline.  Not worth it...they were just asking for it because it was there.

And the no shows....UGH.  This is why I want to know when you are going to pick up the item.  So many people don't bother to show up.  They just can't be bothered.  Well, I am trying to get rid of this....not have it sit on my porch indefinitely.  If you are having a busy week, and can't pick it up in a timely manner, then don't say you want it.  You can't want it that badly if you can't make it over to get it.

If you can deal with the "drama" of it is a good way of getting rid of stuff, and sometimes getting something. 

Do you Freecycle?  Have any doozy stories?

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  1. A little appreciation goes a long way. I always give things away through my church or the dance studio news letter. Our trampoline went to dance students. They were grateful, but some people have no class!