Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Another Oil Budget Year

A quick note to my crafty craft crisis is over.  I purchased new crepe paper, and a few other items (I had a coupon), so I am set for a few projects.  *ahhhhhh*  I can get my craft on again.  Just being in the store made me feel better.  Can I just sleep there....make a little bed on the silk flowers or something?

So, I called the oil company yesterday.  It is that wonderful time of year that we reset the oil budget for the coming year.  The bottom line is that our monthly bill will be a whopping $13 less than this year.  Woo.  Hoo.

I am kicking myself that we didn't call a few weeks ago.  The prices had dropped, and we were pretty sure they would drop further.  So we waited.  We were hoping to lock in a rate of $3.35 or so.  That would have made our monthly payments around $287, which would be a $54 savings per month.  I would have over $600 more to put elsewhere for the year.

But the rates started to rise....and here we are.  We do have "cap" protection, so our rate will never go higher than what we locked in at.  And if the rate drops on the day we get a delivery, we will get the lower rate per gallon.  But on a monthly basis, we still pay the same.  Usually this results in a credit in the end, which gets applied to the next year.

$13 a month.  $156 a year.  Woo.  Hoo.

It will either go to the student loan (remember yesterday when I talked about paying another $20 a month?) or into the car maintenance fund (remember a few days ago when I was stressing over that?)

Oh well....I supposed $329 a month is better than $342.  And it certainly is better than the $517 we were paying in 2008!!!!


  1. it makes you feel a bit better to think positive :) it's better then it was !

  2. I remember the first house we owned was heated with oil. We quickly converted to a gas furnace. But at least you are not paying more than last year....

  3. We have a gas furnace. I wouldn't know the first thing about oil ones.

  4. This is our "even up" month as well... we've had our central air on for well over a month, but not 'too high" so i'm hoping we at least come close to breaking "even". We'll know in a couple weeks either way!!