Friday, June 15, 2012

Today in History...

I graduated High School TWENTY years ago today.  20.  That seems like forever ago, but just yesterday.  Know what I mean?

I was 17, had a boyfriend who I was as madly in love with as you can be at 17, and the world was my oyster.  I was going to college in the fall to be a physical therapist.  I knew it all. 

Yeah, right!!!!  Man, I wish I knew just a tenth of what I know now back then.

So here we are 20 years later.  A few more gray hairs (since I did actually have a few in high school).  Didn't become a physical therapist.  That boyfriend lasted until October, when he broke up with me because of distance.  Whatever. 

But I have 2 great kids, and 3 beautiful angels that I will see again someday.  I have a husband who has his faults, but is working REALLY hard to make up for having his head up his keister for so long.  I have a house, and in just 28 years it will be all mine!  I have 3 kitties who can make even the worst day better.

I have 78k in debt.  But we are making our way out of our mess.



  1. Amazing, when you look back. You have a great life and a great attitude.

  2. If we knew everything then, that we know now, we wouldn't have had much growing or life, now would we? You are doing amazing things.

  3. We all truly have so much even when we feel like we don't. It goes by in the blink of an eye, doesn't it?

  4. I passed the 35th High School Reunion milestone this year.
    You've come a long way but the journey continues.

  5. Time doesn't stand still. I know you wouldn't change anything about your life right now (except the debt)So many blessing have come your way!!

  6. Did you graduate early?? I think we are the same age, but I graduated in 1993 at 18. Just the other day I was at a highschool for my 10 year olds track and field meet. I said to my husband how when you are in highschool you think you are so mature and wise. HA!!! I would not want those days back for anything. Well, except for mom and dad paying my way:)

    1. I sort of graduated early. I was skipped ahead when I was in elementary school, and then "fast tracked". So by the time I was in High School, I was about 2 grades ahead.

      I turned 17 about 6 weeks before I graduated high school. And I was 20 when I finished college. would be nice to have someone else pay my way in life. LOL

    2. So you were sort of a Doogie Howser eh?! LOL!

  7. Great post! I'm just now catching up on my reading for the last week.

    Time sure does fly - whether you're having fun or not, LOL.