Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Night Chit-Chat - June 17, 2012

How fast the weekend goes by!  I swear, it can't possibly be Sunday night already!!!  Oh well....After you are done catching up with me....head on over to Carla's place.

Here is a sneak preview of Bossy's room....not a great picture, and we aren't done.....but since you all are clamoring to know:

Notice the fat orange cat laying in the sun.  The walls are gray, as is the carpet.  The dresser and bookshelf are new.
And the chit-chat:

Reading:  Magazines!  To be specific, the past year of Real Simple.  I got them on Freecycle, and I am a happy girl.  I love this magazine, but I gave up my subscription years ago because we were cutting back.  But now I have a year's worth to flip through at my leisure (hahaha....leisure).

Watching:  Not sure tonight.  I have a few movies on the DVR, but with my parents coming (T-minus 1 day, 17  hrs, per the time of this post), I have plenty to keep me busy for this evening without worrying about the brain-drain of the television.

Listening to:  At the moment, Fantastic Mr. Fox.  Both kids played and worked HARD all weekend.  It was beautiful out, so there was alot of scooter riding.  Add in errands, working around the house, and cleaning....and you get this.....
A rare photo of the kids!  I took this a little while ago.  Since then, they both showered and are in PJs.

Cooking/Baking: Friday I made a HUGE crockpot full of Jambalaya (cha-cha-cha).  We have been eating off of that all weekend, and there is still at least another dinner left.  But for Father's Day, we had steak, mashed potatoes, and fresh green beans.  I was going to make pasta salad tonight, but forgot something at the store.  That will have to wait until tomorrow night.

Happy you accomplished today: Getting flowers for our hanging baskets.  Every Father's Day, the kids and Daddy plant these baskets in honor of Poppy (G-man's dad, who passed away from Stomach Cancer in May 2009). It looks sparse now, but it will fill in.  We will have a matching basket on the other side of the steps, but it is M.I.A. at the moment.

Looking forward to next week: I really wish I could say my parents' visit.  But I am dreading it.  So I will go with the last day of school on Wednesday!

Thankful for today: As much as I don't get along with my father....I am thankful that I still have him around.  So many people don't.  I am amazed at how many people my age have already lost their dad.  In college, I had 2 friends who lost their dads, and my college boyfriend lost his dad a few months after graduation.  And my husband was my age (37) when his dad died.

*bonus question*:
If you could have just one item off of your wish list right now, what would it be??  Oh you sneaky devil, Carla. Probably this top:

But then I would want capri pants with lace on them...and sparkly shoes!!  Pandora's box, baby!!!


  1. Your cat's, errr, sons room looks great so far! ;) The grey is nice & will take him through the teen years!

    I hope your parents visit goes well, Mysti. Just pray for patience & understanding. ;) lol!

    Sorry for opening Pandoras box... ;) lol!

  2. Love the baskets in honor of your husband's dad. We have two hydrangea bushes in honor of my husband's parents. We are hoping to put a park-type bench between them this summer. Such a happy spot.

  3. For magazines, I use the $10 rule--if I can get a subscription for $10 or less, I do it (which is why I'm currently subscribed to "O," "New York," "Family Circle," "Money" and (by Kindle only) "Fantasy & Science Fiction." I use in combination with MyPoints a fair amount.

  4. Love that fat orange cat! And the rest of the room is looking good too! :)

    Good luck with the visit!