Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Night Chit Chat - May 20, 2012

Another Sunday Night with our Chit Chat hostess with the mostest....Carla!  

My new obsession....Fairy Gardens.  We are planning to make one in one of the garden beds outside.  I would like a stone cottage, a sparkly pathway, and a sitting area.  None of this is happening now...but I like looking at them.  We are planning to plant two weeping cherry trees, and the fairy garden will go at the base of one.

Reading? I just started it, but currently I am reading "Nice Wives Finish First" by Patricia Anne Phillips.  I am on chapter 4, and so far so good. 

Watching?  DVR stuff....Not sure if it will be Grey's/Private Practice or Revenge!  Depends if I am in the mood to cry or not.

Listening to? The end of Family Game Night.  The grand prize is a trip to Cabo San Lucas....Bossy just announced we should go there.   He also want to go to Atlantis in Barbados (thank you commercials).  But as soon as I am done with this post, the kids and I are going to watch Dancing with the Stars (we are a little behind)

Cooking/Baking?  I made the most yummy Curried Pork Thai Soup with Rice noodles.  This was a recipe that was on iVillage a few years ago, and is addictive.

It is light and full of flavor.  If you are a vegetarian, you could leave probably use portabello mushrooms in place of the pork, and use veggie broth instead of chicken broth and still have a pretty yummy soup.  I also baked chocolate chocolate chip cookies for Bookfair tomorrow.  And just to round out attempts at meal planning, I am defrosting meat for Shepard's Pie for Tuesday night (and will be making Potato Colcannon for the potato topping instead of regular mashed potatoes.

Happy you accomplished this week?  Got some of the large shade bed weeded.  Cleaned out my car, inside and out and hung my new crystal (gift for Mother's Day from G-man). 

You can't tell by this picture, but the light crystals are actually pink

We also attended a beautiful wedding  and watched our son receive his Webelo I pins and badges for scouts.  Oh, and I was re-elected PTA Secretary!  Good week!

Looking forward to next week?  The last Bookfair of the year!  I love bookfair, but I am ready for a little break from it.  Also, G-man has MORE overtime, so this is all great for our bottom line.

Thankful for today?  That the weather this weekend has been PERFECT.  If we could have this weather everyday, I would be a VERY happy girl.  AND....I have a great Secret Sister.....stay tuned tomorrow for the details on my package!

Have a great week everyone!!!


  1. That fairy garden is so cool. I would love to set these up at work (I teach Kindergarten). I have so many students that would really connect with this.

    1. If you google Fairy Garden, you can find pre-made kits. But it is more fun to sort of make it yourself. There are several sites that give you the basic idea.

  2. I love the Fairy Garden too! I had never heard of them before, I can see why you LOVE them! Your soup also look amazing!

    I just got my SSS package, such fun! I posted it yesterday, I'll check back to see yours!

    1. Fairy Gardens are so sweet. I am looking forward to making ours. Great project for kids!

      And the soup was sooooo yummy. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. That Fairy Garden is so cute! I'm putting that idea away for future use!

    1. I will warn ya....once you start, you won't be able to stop! Some of the people have INCREDIBLE detail....

  4. Oh I LOVE that fairy garden!! Those would be sooo much fun to create I bet!! Going to have to google them I think! lol!

    I love your crystal... It's breathtakingly beautiful!! :)