Sunday, November 6, 2011

Raise your hand if you are sick of hearing about my car???

Look at all those hands shoot up.  I know I for one am sick of WRITING about my car.

It was dead...then we were going to resurrect it...then it was dead again....then the zombie apocalypse happened....

Last Saturday (the day of the snowstorm)....G-man and I had a huge blow out.  HUGE.  Like...we were in another state and started walking home.  The kids were crying.  It was not a good day here.  We were on our way to look at a car, and it was gone already (I won't bore you about all of this, but let's just say this wasn't the first time).

So we decided to fix my car.  Buy us a few more months.  Maybe get some money on a trade it.  Then we lost power....We finally were able to get my car to the shop...and it wasn't $400 to fix.  It was over $700 to fix.  If you added in the $430 we already spent.....we were over the KBB value of the car.  NO.  It is dead.  No more CPR.  No more life support....let her go.

So we were back into "find a car mode."  The financing was pretty much done....we just needed to find the car.  There is alot more to all of this than I am saying....but this has been pretty much one of the worst experiences of my life...and that is saying alot.

In the end....we "think" we have found a car.  It will be going to our mechanic to be checked out, and if it gets the blessing, we will begin the wheeling and dealing (no pun intended) to get the car into the price range we want.  With a little luck....this will all be wrapped up in the next few days.

I am very unhappy about having to have a loan for this car.  It just wasn't part of the plan.  And my plan for paying off the retirement loan is a little derailed...but I am trying to get it back on track.  Assuming that we get a month off before the loan starts....we would have until January for the first payment.  I hope that we can have the retirement loan just about paid off by then.  I doubt it....but I am trying.


  1. Aw sweetie. I feel for you. Truly do. It will be okay.

  2. Some times you just have to back track to get on the right trail again. Think of the early pioneers. You will make it. We will make sure you do. I bet you are tired of hearing me complain about the parents not paying tuition also. We all each of us has our sticking piano key.

  3. I know you don't want a car payment and it seems like going backwards BUT if you guys can get a car that doesn't have to be repaired once or twice a month I would say having a stable payment is better than who knows how much the next thing is going to be.

    I am sorry you had such a horrible week. It can't be easy at all and you really seem to be under a lot of stress and I think that is putting it lightly. I'll be thinking of you and hope this car is a good one!

  4. I hope this week is less stresfull for you and that the car checks out well. Dont even worry about stressing out...we are here to listen.


  5. I won't raise my hand! I'm glad you let it go!!!


  6. You know... what can you do? You have to have a car to drive. It's not like you are insisting on a new sports car or anything. Sorry about the need for a loan but cars simply cost money. We have one paid-off car and one on a loan. It would be a dream to have two paid-off cars but it's not that easy. I hope your new car is completely reliable.

  7. the car in an essential, you need reliable transport to be able to work and take care of the kids. So no more beating yourself up! and I hope it all goes through smoothly for you

  8. What a stressful week, Mysti! A few deep breaths...forget about the new loan for now - you NEED a functioning car! A lot of stresses will be reduced once the car is sorted. Hold on tight in the meantime.

  9. I hope this week is at least more complete and the car itself is good. Dont even worry about the stress ... we are here to listen.