Tuesday, October 11, 2011

NOVICA...a review

Recently, Ricky at NOVICA approached me about doing a review of their website and products.  I was more than happy to check them out, and report back to you. Per their mission, NOVICA is an Internet based website that allows artisans from all over the world to sell their beautiful products in a way they would have difficulty doing as individuals.

I was able to purchase two different products, and also host a giveaway (Congrats again Judy!  Hope you liked your stuff as much as I liked mine).  I had a REALLY hard time choosing.  G-man was insistent that I get something for ME...vs the house.  I was leaning towards this, but maybe I will put that on my Christmas list.  ;)

So the first item I purchased were these GORGEOUS earrings:

They arrived in a beautiful paper keepsake box, with a note of explanation about the earrings and the story behind them.  I immediately put them on, and it was love.  They are long enough to be seen and complement an outfit, but aren't so long that they are too heavy.

My other purchase came from http://accessories.novica.com/womens/scarves/ (Keyword: womens scarves) , where I found this green and cream scarf.

When it arrived, I first found a pretty little bag, and which I opened to find my scarf!  The color and detail on the silk does not come through on a picture!  It has so many levels of detail that it was even better than I expected.  The fringe on the end sets it off perfectly.

NOVICA really does have something for everyone.  They have women's accessories, men's accessories (such as silver cufflinks, uber cool walking sticks, and scarves! ), and home decor, art, and more!

If you search around, I am sure you find something you love.  And when you do...you may want to consider sharing these items with all your friends and family!  Maybe you are looking for something to do in your spare time, to earn a little extra moolah, something different from the standard "consultant" fare.....

Then check out their Home Party Division, NOVICA LIVE. The starter kits are only $199 and have over $400 worth of samples and $150 in business materials.  And as a BONUS....if you get in early, and become a Director this year, you will get to go to Bali next year. (hello....VACATION!!!)

Seriously....this site features some of the most beautiful and original works of art.  Yes, clothing and jewelry are works of art!  I am sure if you make a purchase, you will be as happy with your items as I am with mine.


  1. I love NOVICA. I am so glad you got some stuff for yourself. I was so impressed with the attention to detail with every aspect of the purchase. The wrapping paper my items came in was gorgeous and I loved the postcard from the artist.

  2. You got cute stuff! I love NOVICA, I have yet to buy anything though.

  3. I love the earrings and the scarf! very nice...