Friday, May 28, 2010

EEEK! Technology Upgrade!

My bank has been posting a little pop up message that their on-line, telephone, and something else system will be down from 7pm on May 28 through June 1 for technology upgrades.  Supposedly, all these changes will be a good thing.

But for those of us who obsessively check their accounts (even though on a holiday weekend, nothing was going to change), the fact of NOT being able to check is stressing.  *breathe*

The more stressful part of this actually isn't even directly related to the upgrade.  G-man's pay check is usually deposited on Monday.  With a holiday weekend, it will probably be Tuesday.  But technically speaking....payday is is Thursday, but the money usually posts early.

So I have no idea when his paycheck is coming.  It SHOULD be Tuesday, which for you calendar people, is June 1....when our mortgage is due.  I pay that on-line, and if it doesn't post on the 1st, we get charged a $3.50 late fee.  Not the end of the world, but I know proper planning can avoid this.

I am not scheduling any transactions for next week until I see the money in our account.  I have several bills to pay, and I would rather go into each account individually than risk scheduling everything and finding out that the money isn't there.

I suppose I could actually go to the bank on Tuesday.  The bank is open....just all remote access is not. 

A whole LONG weekend without being able to check my money!!  EEEK!

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