Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I have turned into one of THOSE Craigslist people

A Craigslist person whom I dislike.

When I first started with CL, I was so disheartened that I would set up a time to go see the item, just to get an e-mail 20 minutes before I left that said "sorry, I sold it."  I was like, "hey, I had an appointment!"  But after having numerous people no call no show, I get it.

If your aim is to sell the item, the first to the door with the money wins.  No allegence to anyone.  Business is business.

The guy who said he wanted to buy both our cribs flaked out.  Whatever, dude.  Good luck to ya.  So I reposted them.  Had one lady flake out.  One lady who says she is interested, but hasn't committed to a time.  Another lady who says she is opening a daycare and is interested in both. Hopefully between these people, SOMEONE will buy them.

I also posted my glider from the kids' nursery.  Had one scammer.  Another person wanted to know the glider's name (I am assuming she meant the brand...but I sort of wanted to tell her we lovingly call the glider Elmo.) 

In January, we sold $160 worth of stuff.  A far cry from my $350 goal.  But if the glider and both cribs go....I will be up to $250 for February so far.  Our repayment plan for the retirement loan is shot, so we are trying to decide how to use the cash.....the contenders are:

1)  Save for Christmas (this is what we did last year)
2)  Pay off dentist
3)  Put a chunk toward the hospital debt

Each has their merit.  From an emotional standpoint....I want to put it toward the hospital debt.  This debt is a thorn in my side, and I really want it GONE.  From a more logical standpoint.....saving for Christmas seems to be the way to go.....

Need to ponder that.


  1. Not that you asked, but I'd vote save half for Christmas, pay off hospital debt #2, the little one, and throw the rest at the dentist. I like to keep my dentist happy in the hopes that she will cause me less pain.

  2. The small hospital bill was going to be gone in February anyway, so I am not worried about that one.

    I am leaning toward paying off the dentist too. We are in a new FSA year, so we will get some money to put toward this year's bills. Just to get to see the zero is a motivator.

    That being said...hospital bill #1....we have been paying this bill for 7 years. Yes, that is right....7 years. I just want it GONE. Part of me says put the money there just to emotionally unload the baggage.

  3. Hi Mysti,

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