Saturday, February 6, 2010

A few updates

Car - We spent $100.99 fixing the wheel studs on G-man's car.  We used cash from the sale of stuff (you know, that money was supposed to go to the retirement loan, but that blew up in our face).  At least we didn't go into debt for this.  I e-mailed my friend whose hubby works for the car company to see if he had any ideas on what to do about this.

Taxes - I am still missing one W-2 (GRRRR).  But I am going to plug in all the numbers I have and add it in later.  I am curious where we will be.  The original plan was to put a refund toward the retirement loan, but I am rethinking it.  I might put it on Student Loan #2, and hopefully wipe that out shortly.  That will free up $60 a month, and combined with the $60 we will save  from getting rid of the land line phone, it will balance out the hike in the oil bill.

Decrease in electric bill - decided that extra $50 per month will go first toward the student loan, then toward Hospital #1.  Putting an extra $50 toward Hospital #1 will help chip that one away.

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  1. Congrats on paying for the wheel studs with cash. I cut all of my credit cards to make sure I don't go into any more debt.