Thursday, February 4, 2010

Calling all car people....

G-man's car.....we gots a problem.

Last year, he had some wheel studs break off.  Got it fixed.  Then...THE WHOLE WHEEL fell off.  Luckily, he wasn't driving (he had just backed out of the driveway).

Lots of finger pointing as to fault.  No one would take responsibility.  Called the car people....they made a note of it.  The dealership (we had an extended warranty....lot of good that did us) said it wasn't their fault, even though they had just worked on that same wheel.  Warranty people said they didn't cover it.  Insurance covered the body damage when the front end smashed into the ground, but the wheel...not their bag, baby.

We had to pay for it....not cheap.

Fast forward to yesterday.  ANOTHER stud broke off.  That makes 8/20 since we have had the car.  That is 40%!!! 

G-man did some more digging and found out that several people have complained of this happening for the same make and model and year as his car.  HMMMMM. Not sure what to do.  It needs to be fixed...I don't think we should pay for it....

I am ready to get rid of the car.  It is scary to think my husband could be driving 70 MPH to work on the highway and the wheel falls off.  I have this fantasy scenario of selling the car, getting a beater (ooh boy, he won't be happy), putting his car payment toward debt, and maybe in a few years getting another car.  Haven't shared this with G-man yet....he is too cranky and upset about his car.

Any experience out there?  Any lawyers?  Anyone?  Bueller?


  1. Good luck getting someone else to pay for it. It seems like it might be tough to sell it/get rid of it if this is a common problem though.

  2. What kind of car does he have? I wonder if one of those consumer reporters would be interested in your story . . . I wish I had answers for you rather than questions!

  3. I'm with Dogfood. Seems like there's lots of recalls out there lately...

  4. No car help, sorry. I would contact the BBB though if you can find any documentation of this happening to others.

    BTW I wanted to let you know I just gave you a blog award! You can pick it up on my blog