Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Big step for us

(and as a sidebar....this is my 100th post. :) )

Yesterday, I "let" G-man handle a phone call all on his own. While I wish this wasn't a big is. I am a total control freak, and relinquishing control of something is hard for me to do.

There were two bills we got in the mail that I knew I had paid. I asked G-man to call and confirm the zero balances. First problem.

Second call....they claimed they had no record of payment. He found the entry in the checkbook and gave them the check number, date, and told them it had cleared (based off of my "check mark" next to the entry, which is my internal system that means cleared). They called us back today to say they "found" our check, and the system has been updated to reflect a zero balance.

I am trying not to criticize him. He did great....really. He found the info he needed and gave it to them. If it was me...I would have had all the info (including when the check cleared and a copy of the check) ready before I called and been able to forward them the cleared check right then and there.

But I am used to doing this. He isn't.

At bedtime, we have a "thing" that started years ago...."Why do you love me today?" The idea is to show appreciation for the little things. And he loved me last night for trusting him to make the calls.

Together.....right? Not superwoman conquering the world. TOGETHER.


  1. good for you! I too am a control freak, and it's nice to hear that it really is ok to let them stumble a bit--yet are still successful. Sounds like you are making great progress in the communication dept, and I love your little evening tradition. :)

  2. I am like that too and you handle the bills the same way. Weird. Good job for you giving up some control:)