Monday, December 14, 2009

The January 1 Effect

New Year's Day. It is the traditional day to start fresh. We all know how it goes...that is the day that diets and budgets start. It is the day where we are going to start to do whatever it is that we haven't been doing.

But January 1 isn't magical. Just because we flip the calendar doesn't mean that something special is going to happen just because we moved a piece of paper. If you are serious about making a change, you start it NOW. It doesn't matter the day, that change starts as soon as your convictions have set in.

I am trying to find time in the next two weeks to work out a zero-dollar budget. But I am trying to be even more ambitious than that...I am trying to make a zero-dollar budget on just G-man's income. My thought is if we can make it work, then my entire salary can go to debt. Even if we can just do it for 6 months to get a good start....

With 2 more paychecks this month for me, and one more for G-man, I am attempting to wipe out a few things and start fresh. Not because January 1 is coming, but because I need to do this NOW.

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  1. That is so true about the new year. What type of document do you use for your budget? I use a excel spread sheet (free) that deducts and turns red or green to let you know you how you are doing. You can alter the categories. I love it!! Check out and click tools :)