Saturday, December 12, 2009

Gift Card Lament

We have a holiday party to go to tomorrow. It is a 2 hr drive, and G-man isn't going, so the kids and I are going it alone. That would be a whole other lament.....

In tradition, the kids usually get a ton of stuff. We bring something for the "children" of our family...which this year includes a baby (getting a board book), a 10 yr old (cool socks and a gift card to Justice), and a 16 yr old. The original, brilliant thought was a gift card for gas! He just got his license, so I thought this was a wonderful idea. And thus enter the lament...

I want a FIFTEEN dollar card. Did you know that it is virtually impossible to find a FIFTEEN dollar card??? You can find 25 dollar anywhere. But 15, not so much. We tried a prepaid Visa or Mastercard.....nope. We tried 3 different large chain gas stations....nope.

I don't want to spend $25. Heck, that is more than I spent for some things for my own kids. $15 is my limit, and that is being generous for a kid I haven't seen in 3 yrs and have no real relationship with (he is my dad's cousin's son, so yeah, he is techinically family).

So here I am, the day before the party....trying to figure out what to get. I can get a $15 iTunes card, but I have done that in the past. G-man thinks we should just give him the cash. I think that looks cheap (but why I don't think a $15 gift card is cheap is beyond me).

I am hoping to have a stroke of genius later today.

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