Monday, November 30, 2009

One more mortgage thought

When we did the last refi (3 yrs ago), I wasn't working outside the home. And the mortgage company would not put my name on the loan note (it is on the deed).

G-man added my name to the authorized persons list so I can call about the mortgage.

So why is it every time I call...they tell me they can't talk to me!!!!!!

I locked myself out of the on-line system....called....20 min on the phone for them to tell me they won't reset it until they talk to G-man (who happened to be on his way out the door and I grabbed him).

Then I called about the refi....another 20 min on the phone for them to find the authorization to talk to me. And then she says "the loan officer isn't available, but she will call you back."

Amazing how they don't have a problem cashing a check that I sign......but talking to me is above and beyond the call of duty.

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  1. LOL! I know how frustrating that must be, but this post made me laugh because my mom is going through the exact same thing with their boat. Dad is the main person on the note, so they refuse to talk to her. (And he won't take the time to tell them they can talk to her.) But they have no problem auto-drafting the boat payment from HER checking account! Ridiculous.