Monday, October 19, 2009

Tarot Reading

***WARNING - This post may not be for everyone***

I am a big believer in the metaphysical. Not everyone's cup of tea....but the energy I gain from it is soothing.

I was on-line, looking for Holiday presents for the kids' teachers (I like things that are different, yet inexpensive!!). And I came across a "sale" on a Tarot Card reading for one question. If you know anything about Tarot, you can read it for something specific, or how things interplay in your life.

Give ya one guess to what I asked:

Query "How may Mysti break free from their current financial situation?"

This is a bit long to read, but I thought it was quite telling. The Reader's Digest version for those of you who don't want to read it all.....simplify your life, and it all becomes clear.

Happy Reading!!


The significator, which represents your current state, comes up as the FIVE OF PENTACLES, the card of material hardship and want. I can definitely see by this card coming up representing you, that you are certainly dealing with some very serious financial difficulties as you say. There is no other card that could encapsulate that state of being more graphically than this one.

A very interesting juxtaposition, however, is the card covering you - THE WORLD, one of the most positive cards in the deck symbolizing true fulfillment by contibution and giving of oneself. I would venture a guess that through all the difficulty you and yours (friends, family) have banded together to try and overcome together, rather than each being left to their own devices. This energy surrounding you helps to keep you from falling into true despair. The World can sometimes indicate travel or a change in residence, so this may also have played some part in your recent situation.

The card showing your personal thoughts and feelings about your situation (meaning your personal subjective perceptions of things) is represented by the THREE OF PENTACLES. This card represent hard work and good craftsmanship - being good at one's job. It represents the planning that is needed to successfully navigate a project, and that teamwork is often necessary to success. I would say that this indicates that you are trying very hard to make use of your talents in bringing in more money through the job market (which of course has certainly seen better times), and trying to get other people to acknowledge and support your efforts.

The Higher Truth of the situation is represented by the PAGE OF PENTACLES. Pages relate to seizing opportunities and actively embodying qualities related to their suit - they ask us to enthusiastically "BE". Situated here I can see that you are in fact actively and earnestly looking at every opportunity. You are not just sitting back and letting misfortune roll over and consume you. You are being very proactive, and looking at every path presented to you. This is exactly what we want to see from those who will break free from their conditions. You are doing what you need to be doing - simply keep at it, as difficult as that may sometimes seem.

As you can see, this first portion of your spread has been dominated by the PENTACLE suit, which governs money, career, and the more practical elements of every day life. This is very apt given the nature of your query, and shows that physical real-world energies are most active, so the root of the problem is not in mental or emotional issues. This may seem obvious, but often our own internal lives can stall our external ones - so this seems to suggest that you're doing what you can, and there aren't any real "hidden" or more abstract issues that are at the root. This is reflecting a turn in the wheel of our outward reality.

The energy that held most sway in your recent past, or that may still be present but starting to recede, is the TWO OF WANDS. This card often represents control and boldness and creativity put into action and creating dominion and success - "having the world in your hands". It can also mean looking back on past decisions, considering the current state of affairs, and developing a new plan of action. This is true leadership. I would say that to a certain extent, this card in this position works on both levels of it's meaning. In the past you did have dominion over your affairs, but now you are having to re-evaluate what it took to get and stay in that state. Since this energy in placed in the spread in a position of receding influence, I would venture that you have already been taking the reigns in this manner, and may be ready, or are ready to move forward with the decisions and insights that you have gained.

And the energy that this is moving you forward to is THE EMPRESS! This is a fantastic energy to have in front of you - it symbolizes all the bounty of nature and practical actions that result in prosperity and comfort. This is also a strongly feminine card often symbolizing benevolent matriarchy and motherhood, which may indicate that the actions of a women - likely you yourself - will hold the most weight and sway on bringing this energy into your situation.

Your attitude about this whole ordeal is represented by the FIVE OF WANDS, which indicate struggle and strife. This is a very understandable emotion for you to be feeling. Being in the midst of a financial crisis can certainly feel like being in a personal battlefield. This card acknowledges this.

The atompshere around you right now is indicated by EIGHT OF SWORDS, indicating that there is a great deal of confusion and fear, as well as feelings of helplessness and of being trapped. This also indicates consequences of past actions of decisions that were unforseen and resulting in unfortunate circumstances. Again, this echoes the situation perfectly. Negativity and misfortune is being felt and experienced at all levels. But remember that the surrounding you is THE WORLD - you have positive resources to draw support from, and to draw hope from.

Your hopes and fears are represented by the THREE OF SWORDS, another card with powerful imagery of pain and sorrow. This shows that some elements that caused this situation have brought out feelings of betrayal, damaged your confidence, shone light on painful truths, and overall have unsettled you. While this certainly represents your fears, be careful not to let it color your hopes as well - in many ways we create our own realities, so lean on the resources of THE WORLD to carry you through. And remember, your strong actions will bring you into the dominion of THE EMPRESS - which is warm and secure and abundant!

The overall result of this tide of energy is represented by the SIX OF CUPS, a very gentle and positive card, symbolizing the simple, innocent pleasures in life.

To me this indicates that while your actions to remedy the situation may involve cutting back on many of the luxuries that you enjoyed in the past, that the act of simplfying things will result in great harmony, peace, and joy. Going through a strain such as this can often cause alot of fighting and hurtful words to be launched at those closest to us in the stress of it all - this card reminds us to be kind to one another, making the effort to remember why those people are in our lives in the first place, and lean on those playful and loving energies in the hard times.

While chaos and uncertainty are surrounding you at present, your actions will end up bringing much nurturing and love back into your life. Lean on those you love and allow them to lean on you. You WILL come through this, though it will likely involve a great deal of simplifying. But that doesn't have to be a tragedy - it can be a rebirth and a new innocence that you desperately needed, but didn't quite realize it.

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