Saturday, October 10, 2009

I will take what I can get


Frustration of today....while some debt goes down, others go up. For example....paid a little extra on CC1, but got a $150 and a $673 medical bill that I need to add in to our Medical tab.

But for today.....

There is $1166 remaining credit on CC1. In a few days that will go down when the finance charges get added in. But for today....there is over $1000 "room" on the card. And the reason this is important.....

When I tried to lower the interest rate in July, they cut my credit line to just about $189 above the balance at that moment. And of course I flipped out. But currently....I have paid $1000 since July!!

(I am estimating that there will be about $300 finance charges...bringing the "room" down to $866).

But for today......I am happy.


  1. $300 finance charges? Ouch. Keep working it, girl.

  2. Yep. See where I am going with all of this?

    We pay about $600 in just finance charges on the 3 credit cards. This is why it is so hard for us to dig out. Hence, the original idea of reshuffling the debt to lower the finance charges, so more goes to principal.

  3. Mysti, I am so sorry to hear what a struggle you are having with the CCs. It sounds like reshuffling would at least give you a chance to get some traction. Keep it up you really are doing great.

  4. Hey Mysti! Great post...this is "ground zero" for how the credit card companies make fortunes. You have paid so much over that last couple months and you are still growing your debt! At some point, the hard choices have to be made...we'll be here for support when it's time!! J&M