Saturday, October 31, 2009

Guess who decided to "show up?"

The Financial Advisor!

Our last contact with him was over 6 weeks ago. I sent him an e-mail, and never heard back. Not a call, not a e-mail, text message, or message in a bottle. NADA.

Got an e-mail yesterday that he wanted to know how it was going. Did the 2 changes we made (stop contributing to retirement, change student loans) help at the end of the month. And that he spoke to a friend who doesn't trust Zillow (see post where Zillow said the value of our house had tanked) and we should call this other guy.

Haven't responded to him. On my To Do list was the letter that formally fired him. Here's the catch though....

We have an account for Bossy Boy that is in a trust. Per his plan, we need to liquidate a small part of it and use that money for Bossy next year (vs us putting it in our FSA). Don't know how to do I need some help there.

GRRRR. I really should just fire him.

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  1. I have said, time over time, FIRE THAT FELLA! No one cares more about your money..and now he wants to take your KIDS money???