Monday, September 7, 2009

Latest from the Financial Advisor

I am still not sold that this is the right guy for us. It isn't that I think he doesn't know what he is talking is more that his communication skills are lacking in my opinion. If he wants us to do something, I need to know why. I am not comfortable just putting him in the driver's seat and following him like a mindless lemming.

That being said, the current thoughts include taking a personal loan to pay off G-man's retirement loan, then in 60 days (per the policy) taking out the max we can from there to pay off CC1, car, and something else (this something else has changed a few times, so not sure where we stand on it). Additionally, the pre-payment penalty on our mortgage will be up at the end of we will so a re-fi.

We have stopped contributing to our retirement account for the time being. Neither of us is totally comfortable with this, but we are trying to increase cash flow, so it is a motivation to get it back on track quick so we can keep going on this.

Changed the student loan payment, which will be much less for the next 24 months, and then it will go back to where it is now, plus about $20.

I need to call and set up another appointment with him for the end of the week.

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  1. We stopped contributing to our retirement when we started our snowball last Spring. That made me VERY nervous as well, but it's more motivation to eradicate the debt.