Friday, September 11, 2009

Home improvements

Alas, with home ownership....comes home improvement. In my head, there are three categories:

1) AW POOPER SCOOPERS!!!! This category is for items that have met their demise and need to be replaced. Big and small go in this category. We have had small (like our weed eater that just bit the dust). We have had BIG (like the roof replacement last year, the oil tank replacement 2 yrs ago). Can also include general maintence.

2) Cosmetic. This is for "I am trying to make our house look nicer than it is." Paint, accessories, and the like.....


3) Equity builders. Sometimes a project is both cosmetic and equity (like the flower bed wall we built this year). But this is really more for the really big things that we may never get to do....remodel the kitchen, finish the attic.

The Pandora Box of #1 and #2 of the moment......Bossy Boy's bedroom carpet. It needs to be replaced due to the big area that has been worn to the point that you can step on the carpet tack (AW POOPER SCOOPERS!). It borders on #2 due to the fact that we would really like carpet the entire upstairs (and stairwell and hall). Maybe it even dabbles on #3.....

Found really cheap carpet at the home improvement store (55 cents a sq. ft!). Add in padding and instillation.....if we just did Bossy Boy's room.....we may be able to do it using My Points gift cards. But I know I won't want to stop there...I will want to do all of the bedrooms. And it isn't the type of carpet that wears well for a stair case.

I can't stop myself!!! I just open the box and a huge project is there. Not that we can afford it, but I want it!!! I walk around the store all mad that we can't just do what we want.

So I need to figure out what to do about his room.......any thoughts???


  1. Hey Mysti! I had an idea on the carpet. If you go to your local carpet store, can you find a remnant (even a large one) of carpet to either patch in yourself or just lay over so their are no bloody toes from tack strips. We like to use the phrase "We're not living here" meaning that this debt thing is temporary and that one day we will get to do the stuff we want to do. It's a great saying when you get down to say "It's ok..I am not living here" and then move on!

  2. Our son is Autistic. We can't patch it. He will pick at it. That is part of the way it has gotten the way it is. It all has to be replaced!!!

    Maybe we can find a remnant though...thanks!

  3. Sometimes they have some REALLY big ones. And, if you tell your story..they may come down and tack it in for you :) It never hurts to ask!!

  4. What's underneath the carpet? Are you lucky with hard wood floors that could be sanded? Sounds like maybe a non-carpet option might be the way to go anyway? Area rugs can be found on the cheap...