Monday, September 7, 2009

Another pseudo backslide

I hate when it looks like we went more in debt!!!

1) CC1 - I sold a bunch of stuff (YEAH!!!), but I had to front the money for shipping. I have withdrawn that amount from my paypal account to cover it, so once that clears, that will pay off the recent charge.

2) CC2 - G-man went on a business trip, and per regulations, he had to use his personal CC to pay for gas. So that made his CC tally go up. When we get the travel reimbursement, we will pay that back.

3) Medical - Bossy Boy. Bossy Boy needed a medical procedure over the summer, and great as insurance doesn't cover everything. So I am on a payment plan for the extra $360 that we incurred over the previous $1500. $60 a month for 6 months. This is one area that G-man and I agree 150% on....our children will ALWAYS get the medical attention they need.



  1. Just found your blog...
    I LOVE that you're keeping it real!'d feel much better if you saw our cc's and medical bills.
    I look forward to any tips you can pass on!

  2. I so feel for you on the medical bills. We are a military family and I am so thankful that is one area we do not (financially) have to worry about...