Thursday, August 13, 2009

House Guests

My parents are coming on Sunday for 5 nights. They live about 800 miles away, and we see them a few times a year. Typically they come to see us, since travel for us is much harder.

Usually they stay at a hotel, as our house doesn't have guest accommodation. But alas, G-man is going to be on a business they are taking over my bedroom! I move into Sassy Girl's room, and poor Sassy Girl is on the floor (or the couch if she chooses).

I love my parents, but I love them MORE when they are not at my house!! They are incredibly high maintenance. Particularly with food. I end up spending an extra $150-$200 dollars when they visit. Not just because it is an extra 2 adults, but because of the things they need/want. Special cereal, special milk. This and that. Wish I could just say "this is what we have" but that doesn't work. It starts a fight and it ends badly. So easier to just cave.

We will go grocery shopping tomorrow.....ugh! Our house is pretty empty of food as it is, so it would have been a high bill to start....but throw in Mom and Dad....and it is a double ugh!

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