Friday, August 7, 2009

The cost of owning pets

We have 3 cats. Each one is special and brings its own flavor to the table. Love them all. However, three cats are expensive!!!

They are all indoor cats, but one (Orange) got out a few weeks ago and required an emergency vet visit due to a fight with another cat. To the tune of $160.

Today, Orange, and one other (Gray) needed their yearly check up. Just for both check ups and shots.....$210. Gray is in good shape. See ya in a year. Orange....needs a tooth extracted. That will run us about $330.

So let's start adding this up.....let's just say we do the tooth thing now. That would be $700 in vet bills alone in the past month. And that is just for 2 cats! The other cat isn't due for a check up until spring.

I looked at what I budgeted for vet care....and I think I have underestimated. Now that they are getting a little older (not old, but not young either), they will require more medical care. Something to think about for future planning.

I love them, but they are getting pricey. Add in their food, litter, and boarding is a hefty chunk. Hopefully the amount we have budgeted for boarding can be floated to vet care since we don't *think* we will need to board them again for at least a year.

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