Friday, May 4, 2012

Happy May 4!

I decided to wait on the reset until Monday.  Sorry 444....I know you are dying to see it all.  But I would like to tweak a few things on the blog, and I won't have time until this weekend.  I will say that the all the funds have cleared our account, and 4/5 have posted to their respective places.  The one that hasn't posted is always a few days longer, so by Monday I expect that it will post too.  The first retirement loan payment has been made.  More on all of this later.

As for is raining.  It always rains on May 4.  I know this because it is my birthday, and it almost always rains on my birthday.  Per my mom, it was a nice sunny day on my actual BIRTHday, but I guess someone lost the memo that this trend was supposed to continue.  My 24th birthday was sunny...but since that was a few moons ago, I will say that rain is more common.

Since I have only been up for an hour, I don't have much to report yet.  I will say that Swagbucks sent me 50 bucks for my birthday.  And then I got 26 more from a search.  Not a bad way to start things off.  The kids and G-man said Happy Birthday.  Otherwise my day will be:  go to work and do paperwork.  I am hoping to be done by noon.  Then I would like to go shopping for my Secret Sister swap, hosted by Carla.  There is a store near my office that should work well for this task.

We are having dinner at home (grilled shrimp tacos and chile lime rice).  The kids are excited about the rainbow cake.

The big question of the day is: Will my parents remember my birthday?  I know that shouldn't be a question, but it is.  My money is on "will call later and tell me that they didn't forget and will send me something that will never come."

Meanwhile, I am hoping to just have a chill out kind of day.  I don't want drama.  I don't want excitement.  I really just want to enjoy a quiet, rainy day.  I have more PTA stuff to work on (crafty, fun stuff!), so I would like to enjoy a "beverage" and get my craft on.

To my friend MutantSuperModel....good luck on your final today!!!


  1. Happy birthday, and nice job scoring the bonus money today! Enjoy your "beverage," in moderation, of course! Crafting and beveraging could be dangerous. ;o)

  2. Hope you have a great birthday, Mysti!

  3. Very Happy Birthday! May your day be all you want it to be!!!

  4. Happy birthday Mysti!!!!!!!! :)

  5. Happy Birthday! How can your parents forget your bday?? Do what I do, a week before my birthday I'm already calling my mom and planning something, I usually throw a big party, and if you plan something the other perk is all the gifts, when you invite people they have to bring a gift.


  6. Happy Birthday to you! How in the world could a Mom forget her child's birthday? Crazy! I hope they remember and you have a great day.

  7. Happy Birthday Mysti, my friend.

  8. May the 4th be with you!!!

    and happy birthday.

  9. Happy Birthday! Sorry I am late! I am with you - mine is the 8th & it always rains on my birthday as well!! hehe...

  10. Hey smoochykins. I'm sorry I've been away. Friday was a horrible day. :(

    But regardless, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I thought of you but didn't get a chance to jump online. I was just too overwhelmed and I've been slowly recovering.