Monday, April 27, 2015

Can't Find It

My driver's license. 

I was out running errands yesterday and notice my driver's license wasn't in its usual spot in my wallet.  Tore my purse apart....nope, not in there.  Then I started thinking what could have happened to it.  I take it out of my wallet so infrequently.  At 11:30pm, I remembered I took it out when we went to the trampoline park.  I wasn't sure if I needed to show ID because I did all our registration and payment on-line. 

I threw out the "used" park tickets a day or two after we went....and I think my license may have still been wrapped up in there.  I am running out of places to look for it, and technically I am driving I think I have no choice but to replace it.

We are in the process of moving....and I have to replace my driver's license for a state that I won't be living in soon.  Now there is a huge waste of time and money!

Per the DMV site, you can replace your license at AAA (who knew!) that should be faster than going to the DMV.  It is $30 for the replacement, and they need just under a zillion forms of ID (ok, I think it is 4....).  There is a primary list, a secondary list, and then 2 from a residency list.  Since I was born in the US, I don't need the foreign born list.

Luckily, I have easy access to the documents they need.  I am just annoyed with myself that I have to do this.

My key ring tags have been falling off....the grocery store, the library.  I have had them for years and years, and the hole has worn through.  I thought it was a sign!  Well, if that was a sign.....what sign is it that I have to replace my license?

Not a good one.....