Tuesday, July 22, 2014

More than likely it would of made the difference

So I eluded to something going on....well, that is over now.

G-man applied for another job out of state....and all signs were pointing to the positive.  He had all the qualifications; he had several people of authority in his office review his application and gave him lots of good feedback.  This was THE ONE....we both had such a good feeling about it.

Then last Thursday, we were notified he wasn't qualified.  WHAT????!! Not possible.  He called the HR specialist working on this (and remember....this is federal government, not private industry).  She told him the issue was ONE PIECE OF PAPER:  They wanted a piece of paper that basically had his supervisor(s) verify that the information on his resume was accurate.  In the application, they asked for this piece of paper IF APPLICABLE.

Here is the deal with this piece of paper.....G-man asked the "expert" in his office about this piece of paper during the application process and she gave him bad information.  She said he didn't need it because of XYZ.  He was told it didn't apply to this situation, so he didn't turn it in.   The flip side....if he turned the paper in and it wasn't needed...that could count against him as well.

This basically nullified his resume.  Even though the piece of paper was just a signature that was a cut and paste of his resume (or pieces parts), they didn't count anything on his resume that qualified him for the job.   He called a higher authority in his office to see if there was anything they could do. She made a call, and even though she thinks G-man was in the right, the powers that be wouldn't let him submit the paper now.  HR feels that the paper is necessary...therefore it is. 

The biggest kicker with this is if he was an external candidate (meaning, he didn't already work for this agency), they don't require any verification of anything.  You can have a candidate that makes up their entire resume, and they will just accept it.  The administrative officer plans to bring this "issue" up at their next director's meeting....how this stupid piece of paper that is used sometimes but not others....that is only for internal candidates.....that doesn't MEAN anything to anyone.....should be eliminated.  But at this time....it isn't our call, and our opinion doesn't count. 

So the learning experience from this is that he needs this piece of paper...and he will submit it next time.  There is a chance that a second position will open in a few months (same job), and if that happens, he won't have to do much work to apply....he will resubmit everything (because the HR specialist told him he was a VERY STRONG candidate, but without the piece of paper, they couldn't count it).

We are both so disappointed.  Granted, we shouldn't have gotten our hopes up as high as we did.  But all the signs were there that this was IT.  This move would have been a slight step backward in the short term, but would have opened the doors to so much more.  We were prepared for the short term....and had our eyes on the prize long term.

Meanwhile, we will just keep plugging away at things.  My head and my heart just aren't in it though.  I had already (in my head only) prepared for a big change, and was so excited about starting a new chapter.  Being here after the disappointment just stinks. 

Again, I know we......I....shouldn't put the cart before the horse.  It burns us every time.  But when you are done with a chapter...you are DONE.  Ready to move on.  Ready for the excitement and nervousness that comes along with it.  Somehow your regular ole life just pales in comparison.