Friday, July 3, 2015

Our Holiday Weekend

To my US readers....wishing everyone a safe, fun holiday weekend.  And to my non-US are probably at work today....sorry!  But have a good weekend too!

So this is how it is going down around here.....

I have a massive cleaning and staging list to get through.  After many discussions about my red kitchen, it was decided to NOT paint it (against my opinion), but I will be painting the office/dining room.  The red kitchen is not the reason my house hasn't sold, but given the time frame we had, and that I am doing it all wasn't practical.  The realtor and home stager didn't feel it was critical, but if we had more time/ would be a nice thing to do.  I still think I should do it, but I finally gave in and said I wouldn't.  (Part of this decision was because of the time it took to reach the decision!!)

I ripped out the carpet in Sassy's room (it wasn't tacked down).  We knew the hardwoods under there were ok, albeit needing a good cleaning.  That was an adventure in itself.  But after I am done with this post, I need to get the carpet outside to the car and haul it over to the recycling center (they are only open until Noon today).  Her room now has had a thorough cleaning (from all the dust that removing a carpet kicks up!!!).  Her floors need some Murphy's Oil Soap, but that will wait until later this weekend when I can do all the floors upstairs. 

I really need to go grocery shopping.  Having the kids home during the day has certainly changed things on the food front!!!

And if I didn't already have enough going Orange kitty may have cancer.  We discovered a small growth near his hip while giving him cuddles.  I took him to the vet, and she described it as "angry" looking.  She is fairly confident that it is malignant and needs to be removed.  On the positive, she didn't feel anything under his skin, so it is possible we caught it early enough that he will still have a few good years left with us.  He had some dental work in April, and was given a shot of antibiotics, which would have been in that general area of his body.  Vet said sometimes the body can have an adverse reaction at the injection site, so this may be the cause.  So I will bring him to the vet Monday evening, and he will have a lumpectomy on Tuesday, and we should have the results by the end of the week.

G-man and I already said....he is our family, and we take care of family.  I didn't ask how much the surgery will be...I don't really care....he is having it.  That said...if things turn out to be way worse than expected, then we will have to discuss how far we can go with it.  We can't do $5k treatments.  But a surgery that may just solve the issue....we will do that, and if he needs some follow-up....ok.  In the end, we will do what we can to give him the longest life possible, but we can't go to extremes.

I am trying to stay positive, but I am concerned.  And both kids are upset.  I didn't use the word "cancer" with them, just that Kitty needs to have his lump removed and that the vet will then run tests to tell us what the lump is.  Bossy hasn't quite figured out that the cat could die from all of this.  Sassy has.  But for now, we can't do anything more except wait for his surgery and give him lots of love.

OK...lots to do off to the races.  Have a good weekend!