Friday, February 27, 2015

Almost March!

I am not sure that I have been this glad to land on Friday in awhile!  This week has been crazy (most of the crazy I have not shared here....this isn't the place for it).  Even though this is my "long" day at the office....I am just glad the weekend is almost here.  I may go into the office for a few hours over the weekend, unless I can get my "office" stuff done today (unlikely.....).

I am having a hard time that March is HERE.  March seemed very far away back in September when we put the house on the market, but now it is here.  March means we have to start talking about a few things.

The Realtor.  We have been frustrated the the realtor, and our contract is up in a few weeks.  We have to decide if we want to switch realtors, or keep the same one.  Our concern is that we switch, and we find out that this just how it goes and we aren't any better off.

The house.  We have always thought that the house wasn't going to sell over the winter...and we were right!  We are hopeful now that spring is just around the corner (Daylight savings is NEXT weekend!!), that OUR buyer is out there and will be here soon.  But if they aren't....we are going to have to seriously talk about the next steps.

A trip home.  G-man is planning a trip home in April.  IF the house is sold in the next few weeks, that trip will be off, and we will just wait until his trip home for the household move.  There is no sense in spending that much money for 2 back to back trips.  We have a few more weeks until we have to buy his ticket, but his trip home is bittersweet...knowing he will have to leave again, and that it means our house isn't sold yet.

G-man is on a business trip next these discussions will wait until he is back.  He will also be starting a 2nd job when he returns.  We have been making the basic bills on our reduced salary, but all of our pre-saving for other things (Car maintenance, irregular bills, etc) went out the window.  It will be good to know we have that money.  It makes me a little uneasy NOT having it.

So March is going to be a heavy month.  And so it goes.....