Saturday, July 26, 2014

Pull the trigger?

Since finding out that G-man was not in the running for a new job, I have been in a massive funk.  I really thought this was the start of a major turn-around, and I have been wallowing in self-pity for a few days.  Not good.  And way overly dramatic.  I just get into moods...

Of course I don’t want to turn to spending money as a way of making myself feel better (but admittedly…I did some “window” shopping, and found one thing for Sassy for Christmas).  I never got around to updating my side bar for July…and we are closing in on August now….so I am just going to wait until my Blogiversary on Aug 6 to update everything.

However, I do know of a way that I could spend money for the good…and have even better numbers for the update….but I am not sure if I should do it:  take the money from holding and put it toward debt.

We have $1,500 that I had put aside to make a big, fat snowball payment (originally toward G-man’s car, but leaning toward the CC instead).  I was *this close* to making the payment when the whole job thing entered the picture.  So I held on to it, figuring if we moved, we would at least have some cash to get things started.

But now the move is off….unless another job opens up.  Which it could. Or it could not.

So do I pull the trigger and make my snowball payment….which of course is a good thing, and goes toward the future good of the finances?  Or do I hold it for a while longer, just in case……and in this scenario, how long do I hold it?  Three months more?  Six months (or until the end of the year, which is really only 5 months)?

I am not sure what to do.