Friday, May 27, 2016

The week in review

I got back from my Girls Weekend on Monday, and was exhausted.  I didn't go to bed before 2am the whole time I was there.  Lots of fun.  We went to the casino....her favorite activity and I won!  After taking out what I spent there....I cleared $136.  I was happy with that.

Bossy earned his First Class Rank in Boy Scouts Monday night.  He is now working toward his Star and will be working on two merit badges over the summer.

The kids finished out the school year on Wednesday with the 8th grade recognition ceremony.  Bye middle school....hello high school!

I was offered the job I had the second interview for on Tuesday.  This will at least help with the income issues, but by no means is a permanent solution.  I start on Tuesday, but my first week will have screwy hours.  In general, I will work 3pm-7pm (eventually 8pm), and every other Saturday from 10am-12pm.  There may be some Friday hours down the road.  It is a new business, so they need to ramp up the hours as they get busier.

The SAT thing is not a guarantee of hours (like I put down availability for 3 shifts and didn't get any, plus there is nothing for July-Sept).  I got paid for my training last first paycheck since March.  Bringing my year net income to a whopping  $625.

I know several of you have commented that I have a Masters Degree.....yep, I do.  Still paying $229 a month for it.  I am finding that my advanced degree doesn't amount to much.  I do not want to go into the the 14 years since I got my degree, things have changed so much.  I have applied for several education related jobs in multiple counties and private schools and not one panned out.

I am ready to finally come up with a plan for the near and far future.  A little more money coming almost paid off (G-man's car is officially below $1000, and mine is around  $1300).  We are considering waiting to buy a house  (not that we are even close to that) until after the kids are out of high school in 4 years....then we will have no geographic restrictions.  I will let you know the plan....which will probably change anyway!!

Happy Memorial day weekend!