Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Just a Quick Hi

I so appreciate everyone who has dropped me a line privately or touched base here.  It means so much to me that I am still thought of, even as I lay low.

It has been 7 weeks since I posted, and just wanted to give a brief update.

The house has not sold.  We have had 1 showing, a broker's open house (where the comments were on things we can't change...like the size of the bedrooms), and a regular open house (attended by one nosy neighbor).  We will be taking the house off the market in mid December and trying again in the spring.  We are trying not to rent it out as this will add several layers of complications that we are not ready to entertain.   If the house does not sell in the spring,  we will have to reassess.

Meanwhile,  G-man will be leaving the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  He will be staying with my parents indefinitely while the kids and I are staying behind.  We are hoping that by summer we can all be together.  We will be putting up a small Christmas tree before he goes, but everyone is bummed that we won't be together for the holidays.  And the kids are additionally bummed that many of our family traditions are being shelved for the year.

Financially, we are not sure how this is going to play out.  We won't know what his new paycheck will look like until the end of December (because of the delay between the end of the pay cycle and payday).  We are losing his night differential but the taxes aren't as high.  Plus, the locality pay isn't as high. So we have to wait and see.

We will be contributing toward household bills in NC, plus dealing with CT bills.  His gas for his car should go down some.  But his food bill may go up because of complications with my parents.  While trying to nail down a monthly cost with them, they basically said "whatever you think is fair."  I am sure this is going to bite us in the butt.  And when I brought  up a "contract," I was met with resistance.

We probably won't see G-man for several months.  We plan to take a few hundred from our tax return towards a plane ticket home in April.  And we will need to fly him home when we move the household...so we can't spare much for frequent trips (about 15 hrs to drive...each way).

So it will be me and the kids on our own for awhile.  Just in time for winter.  Yip. Pee.