Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Are You Going To Find A Job?

I have lost track of how many people have asked me this since announcing our move. 

Um, yes.  I didn't know NOT finding a job was an option!!!  We have $58k in debt, adding to it because of the move.  Taking a pay cut due to losing locality pay and night differential.   How does any of this equate to me NOT working?

Even in a scenario where we were doubling our salary and could pay everything off in a matter of months....I don't think I would be happy at home full time.  I was a full time stay at home mom when the kids were born until Kindergarten.  At that age, I was always busy, and honestly I don't think I did a great job with the non-kid stuff.  Not the way I thought I should have at least.  Now the kids are bigger, and in school all day.  I could have the day to myself....but eventually I think I be unhappy.

Oh, I do fantasize about having an impeccably clean house, clearing everything off of the DVR, being able to do craft projects all day.  But eventually....I think I would miss working.  I could volunteer....and I know how much WORK volunteering is! 

But the bottom line is that we NEED my salary.  I am really hoping that I can find something that will give me the mental stimulation along with the financial compensation that I deserve.  I can't really apply yet....I don't know when we are moving.  As soon as I do....then the resumes will be out in full force.

I am still struggling with what to apply for.  Super fantastic Jill of all Trades doesn't yield many results on Career Builder!