Thursday, May 3, 2012

Navigating Work

As a final word my volunteering post from yesterday...obviously I volunteer for PTA.  PTA isn't for everyone.  I wasn't trying to imply that you should volunteer for that....just that giving back to your community in some way is important.  So for those of you that volunteer at your religious institution, community organization, and more....thank you!!!  For those of you who don't....just think about it.

On to today's business at  Work climate has gotten somewhat better.  Boss and I have had several talks, and I think he understands my point of view a little better.  That makes me happy.

Additionally, we have alot of changes going on.  The short version is that our company is growing, and it is growing much faster than expected.  Plus, it is growing in spurts, which is a little harder to deal with.  My days starts out with a "to do" list....but other things happen, and I spend 2.5 hrs dealing with whatever extra stuff popped up.  Granted, this can be said for most jobs, but 1)  I am only there 5 hrs, so half of it is on extra stuff, and 2) This is starting to be a daily occurrence, not just once in awhile.

Boss and I have spoken about increasing my hours, which if he is willing to work with a few things (and he usually is), will result in 8 more hours of work, without a child care issue.  That would be 8 hrs per week salary that could go directly to debt.  Yippee!!

The downside...I would change employment categories at work, and alot of my flexibility will disappear.  I would be locked into a certain amount of hours, and if I couldn't work, I would have to use vacation time.  If I run out of vacation time....I have a problem.  Additionally, I asked about working from home on some tasks if I needed to make up hours....he wasn't a fan.

There are a few additional things I will be taking on over the next few months (which I am happy about).  It will free up some stress from Boss (which makes for a happier office), and it makes me feel more useful.

The one thing we haven't talked about.....MONEY.  I haven't had a raise in 2 years.  It isn't because of performance....just because of cash flow.  This is where knowing too much is a downfall.  Boss hasn't been taking a paycheck because of cash flow.  We have full time people who will be starting in June/July.  Reimbursement amounts are down (per state), and requirements (which require more man hours) are up.

So....once we work out the hours and responsibilities piece....we are just left with money.  I feel I deserve a raise.  What I would like would equate to a 4.3% raise, but I know that isn't going to happen (especially if I am increasing hours).  But I think something is due me....I am thinking it will be closer to 2%, if I get anything.  Maybe we can meet in the middle...but like I said, I wouldn't be surprised if we are at 3 years with no raise.

Hopefully I will have an update on this by next week.

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  1. Maybe you should ask for more paid time off. You mentioned that a downside to the position change is using vacation time if you need to be off. Maybe he would consider that as increased compensation since he cannot offer you a raise.