Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The PayDay Cha-Cha

I swear....the past 2 weeks since payday have been the longest in history!  I have no idea why, it just seemed like payday was never going to get here.

I had to keep reminding myself that today is only the 4th.  I "feel" like I am behind, but in reality this is only the first paycheck of the month!!!  G-man has 2 paychecks from the office, and he gets paid weekly from his part time job (which by the way, is also today!).

I looked at all the due dates on the bills, and a few things will get paid today.  The rest have later due dates, and will come from future paychecks.  I am just so anxious to PAY something!!!  Then I get to update my totals and see a little progress!!!!  CHA CHA CHA!! (DONE!!)

Since I get paid by paper check, I have to wait until this afternoon to do anything (after I deposit my check!  And no, I don't have a direct deposit option).  Included in my banking transactions today will be:

  1. Redepositing the money we got from selling the netbooks, and putting that in the "cat" fund (DONE!!)
  2. Taking out $25 towards EF (DONE!!)
  3. Taking out money for lunch money for the kids for next week (DONE..but forgot to have them break the $20.  Will do that on Friday)
  4. Getting a new checkbook register! (oops...I knew I forgot something)
Who would have thought banking would be so much fun and productive!


  1. Come on payday!! I'm also waiting! Last time we got paid was December 20 and the holidays and new year's left us with $20 this morning..


  2. Ha, I am also feeling the itch to pay SOMETHING. My next pay will include car payment -#12. 11 more of those suckers... I guess it must be because it's January and the holidays feel like they took forever and were forever ago all at the same time?

  3. I know this has been the longest month. But January always is, cold, dark, long. I am also anxious to make some progress but it seems slow, I have no money and bills popping up all over!.

  4. You are definitely NOT alone in feeling this way. I cannot wait until tomorrow so I can start paying something. It is horrible to feel like you can't do anything, when you know that you want to.

  5. Too bad you don't have the option of direct deposit, makes life much easier! I thought everywhere did that now... goes to show you how much I know! *blush*

  6. @HS - our fridge is empty. I am out of laundry soap. I couldn't wait for payday!!!

    @Tanner - I love paying the car and Lending Club. Big payments make you feel like you are making more progress!

    @Kim - I have the trash bill and car taxes this month. Ick. Plus the usual stuff. Ick.

    @Rachel - at least I know that this afternoon I can do SOMETHING. PLUS, G-man gets paid on Monday!

    @Carla - I work for a small company, and he won't pay for direct deposit. When I first started here....he HAND WROTE our paychecks!! At least now he has a program to print them!!

  7. I'm with you - I hate the first few days of the month. I feel like I can't see any progress being made. I love the feeling of checking things off my list, updating my spreadsheet, etc. I'm a financial geek. :-)

  8. I wish it were payday here ;-) Have to wait for the 23rd and I get paid every month. And most of the time, everything has been put into different accounts/towards bills by the time it is the 24th.

  9. That stinks that there is no direct deposit!

  10. I'm with you on the hand written/printed paper checks. Still get those - 14 years in business and they won't pay for the direct deposit either!

    I'm no longer excited to pay something. Though each pay day i do the Cha Cha when I make a debt payment. I'm now training myself to be super happy the days my money doesn't move anywhere!

    THAT is the next best feeling to paying something and taking a step closer to your goal! YAY for payday!

    I also wanted to tell you that you guys are lucky to have a check coming every week! When I had my part time job, that was the thing I missed most about NOT having it anymore. No more pay every week.

    Cha cha cha!!

  11. I stalk my bank account everyday to see when I've been paid.

  12. You're definitely not alone. I have itch to pay, pay, pay! Unfortunately my check does hit the bank until the 11th. I'm with Carla because I thought everyone had direct deposit. If mine weren't direct deposited I'd never make it to the bank with the crazy hours I work.

  13. @Hawaii - I am a financial geek too. :)

    @Lekker - I am sure it is an adjustment. I can't imagine only getting paid once a month!!

    @Michelle - I have gotten used to it. I hit the bank on my way home on payday and just take care of it.

    @Finding - It does work out nice that we have a weekly paycheck. In the ideal world, we wouldn't need it!

    @Free - I do the same....I check my bank acct every morning and night.

    @Mr&Mrs. - One thing I am working on regarding the "itch" is not to pay extra to something, and use up my gas or grocery money!

  14. Look at that! that is awesome!!!! off to a great start! Go Misty!!!