Thursday, January 5, 2012

Another possible Gamechanger

My last "gamechanger" post was in regards to G-man's part time job.  Well, that seems to have settled down.  His hours will be a little less in the coming month (typical for this time of year) and then back to normal.  Mini crisis seems to be averted.

But.....we had some big news around my office yesterday, and this could lead to some fairly major changes.

We won a 5 year contract that we applied for in December!  That isn't really a big surprise in itself.  The surprise is some of the terms are larger than initially anticipated!

Without going into all the details that only I would really understand...the bottom line is that the company is slated to grow almost 2.5 TIMES its current size over the next 2 years!  This will mean more staff, more paperwork...LOTS more paperwork.

While the nuts and bolts of my job probably won't change, the VOLUME will.  Where I might process 20 reports a month could go to 50!  And that is only one piece of my job.

Bossman and I haven't talked about ANYTHING yet.  Obviously, my hours are going to have to change....possibly going to full time.  That would also mean child care for the kids, so that will have to factor in.  At my current rate...I would have to work 6 more hours a week just to pay for child care for EITHER before or after school.  If it is both (before and after), we are now up to 12 hrs. 

What I am hoping for is earlier hours (and put the kids in before school care), a rate increase of at least 5% (ok...I really want 10%...but that probably won't happen), and about 35 hrs a week.

More income is good.  Couple that with a few other things....and we may have some potential to REALLY knock this debt out of the park!!!!!

No putting the cart before the horse.....until this is a done deal, it is just speculation and fun Excel spread sheets.  But knowing my boss....his wheels are turning, and a discussion isn't too far off.  Yesterday I just let him enjoy the news....all I said was "we are going to need a bigger copier." 

(Our copier is almost dead, and is way too small for the volume we do, so this isn't a surprise, and it has already been discussed.  :) )


  1. Exciting news! I hope only all the best possibilities come out of this!

  2. How exciting and potentially awesome news. 6 hours doesn't seem too bad. I understand why you didn't do daycare when they were first born, it's the reason I didn't go back to work. Yikes crazytown expensive, but they are older and it won't be all day. This is great...I really hope it works out. You sound excited too.

  3. @Lamb - thanks!

    @Niki - I work 23 hrs now...over 5 days. If I get up to 35 hrs, it really is only 6 hrs of "extra" pay unless I get a raise. $100 a week is for both kids before school care!! And at that, it is only 2 hrs a day!

  4. Ouch! Didnt realize childcare was that expensive! Best of luck on the possibility of getting a great raise.

  5. That is wonderful news. See, 2012 is going to be our year.

  6. That's great news! I hope it works out you get more hours and MORE money :-)

  7. Fingers crossed that this turns into a wonderful opportunity for your family! :-)

  8. Great news!! I know paying for child care will be a bit of a pain, but the possibility of the extra income is fantastic! Fingers crossed that everything works out.

  9. 2012 is starting out great, I tell you, also you need a raise. You are worth it as you know the ropes. You will be far more efficient at adding hours than them hiring another part-timer. make sure the boss realizes that.

  10. Awesome news! Hope it all works out for you. You are such an inspiration!

  11. @Christy - when the kids were little....due to Bossy's medical would have been $600 a WEEK!!!

    @Michelle - thanks!

    @Rhitter- 2012 is pretty good so far!

    @One Family - more money is always welcome.

    @Hawaii - thanks!

    @Tales - The one "advantage" to child it is provided by the YMCA, but at the school. You are required to have a YMCA membership, so we will then have access to the classes, pool, etc.

    @Kim - my boss and I are at odds sometimes over my job. He sees me as "the office girl" and that I make photocopies. He forgets all the other stuff I do! I haven't had a raise in 2 years.

    @Lena - thanks! I don't think I am an inspiration...more that I hope people can learn from my mistakes.

  12. I think you deserve a raise thats for sure! I remember having to pay for an hour after school care for my three. Eventually I just couldn't afford it since it was more than I was making in those 5 hours.

    Good luck

  13. Hope this all works out for you!! 2012 could be a very good year!! :)

  14. Good luck! This could be really exciting news for y'all!!!!