Friday, January 6, 2012

Time to Stock Up!

Like alot of people, if something you use alot of goes on sale, you stock up.  My problem is that this week the stores have decided to have a ton of stuff we use on sale!!

While we get paid on Monday, and technically will have money, we will have MORE money later in the month.  I am going to have to put off paying a few things (not late, just later than planned) to free up the cash for the groceries.

(and on an unrelated note, G-man will have 16 hrs of OT coming up, which means I get to update his progress bar AND put the OT money in the newly formed OT account!  No spending it until the end of the quarter, and it will go towards debt.)

I will make my list, and go in with a plan.  As much as I hate paying a few things later in the month, it is necessary.  I am not just going to put groceries on a CC because things didn't go the way I wanted in the grocery cycle!


  1. This time of year is always the best time to stock up on non perishable food items. ShopRite is kicking butt this week and next with some awesome sales on canned goods and other stuff. I spent about $70 this week - more than I normally would - because what I bought will last for at least 6 months. This saves me a ton of money.

  2. that is amazing on the OT!

    Good Luck with your stock up!

  3. Merchants know that we are all broke in the new year or are on a spending diet so, white sales and canned good sales are the norm so they an survive the after shock of Christmas. Also good children's shoes go on sale this month. Blah! But I have no more little ones.

  4. Stocking up sure takes time, if you don't have the money up front to do it, but it is really worth it in the long run. I agree, you should pay those things you can later in the month to take advantage of being able to stock up. I'm trying to get a stockpile going, too.

  5. Later but not late - I see NO problem here! Glad you get to take advantage of sale items - seems nothing I need ever goes on sale around here...though perhaps if I looked at the flyers before throwing them away...