Sunday, January 8, 2012

GBU - January 8, 2012

First GBU of 2012!!!

The Good: 
  • Was able to pick up enough grocery staples for the week to get us by and still get the extra gas points at the grocery store, and stay on budget!
  • Actually had a zero-balanced budget, until G-man messed it up (see below)

The Bad:
  • G-man messed up my zero-balanced budget for the week by purchasing beer and technically putting us into overdraft (it didn't actually go into overdraft because we have a few things that haven't cleared)
  • It is taking me forever to put away the Christmas decorations!
The Ugly:
  • Need to pay extra on the oil bill to make up where I paid a little under the budget amount.

You know the deal....what are your GBUs this week?????


  1. Oh my gosh! I hear you on the Christmas decorations. It's driving me crazy!!!

    But, I'm down to one load of linens (tablecloths, etc) to get out of the dryer. Then I can pack up that last box and get them out of my sight!!!

  2. I am also BROKE and it is only the 8th!. I finally put every thing away. But still have not put furniture back where it belongs.

  3. The Good: Freezer cooking for the month is just about finished.
    The Bad: January 8 and I've spent more than half my grocery budget for the month.
    The Ugly: Housing Application Fee is due for Princess for next year. I'm out of checks and they don't take debit. WTH?

  4. My Christmas stuff is still up, it's horrible!

  5. I'm looking at the ugly but it's not financial. My denuded tree is still standing in the corner of the living room and I can hear BIRDS! Oh wait, that's my iPad app haha.
    Even uglier though was the cost of our Flood! in the basement due to really really old hot water tank finally giving up the ghost. I'll be paying that one off this month and next - UGH!

  6. Glad I wasn't the only one still dealing with Christmas!

  7. awesome at the grocery - sorry about g-man! grr... i know the feeling... dh has been bugging me for a few things that just aren't necessary!

  8. Good: Came in under budget by $41! :)
    : Hubby's work holiday part wears postponed so will save us $$ this month.
    Bad: I pulled a muscle in my arm so my "to do" list is getting VERY LONG.
    Ugly: I have to edit my last photo shoot with a Photoshop program I need to relearn. NOT fun. :/