Thursday, October 20, 2011

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water....

Anyone else hearing the Theme to Jaws in their head?  C' know you are.

I am a planner.  I like to know what we are doing, and how we are going to get there.  Fly by the seat of my pants.....that is not me.  The land of the Unknown....uber scary and not very comfortable.  As my good friend, C, said last is just an extended Rental Unit.....we aren't buying a time share there.  In a few weeks, we will know.

Ah....what will we know???

Just 8 days ago I posted we weren't moving.  Well....apparently the move is back in play.  G-man received notification last night that he is still in the running for the job. the lower pay level.  Which will mean a pay cut if he gets this job and accepts it.  Add in the loss of my job, and his second job.....

I know I will be able to find something.  (Maybe I am being naive....but I really don't think that it will be a huge issue).  In the ideal world, he won't need the second job if my job will cover that pay (about $10,000), and for the first time since the kids were born....we will GASP.....have a "normal" schedule.

But the prospect of a pay cut is scary.  I know others of you have been laid off and I probably shouldn't whine about a pay cut....but I know the bills, and a pay cut freaks me out.  I am trying to keep in perspective that the cost of living is less there....some of the bills we have here will go away (like the oil bill....although it will be replaced by gas and electricity to a degree....but probably not as much as we are paying now).  We will get some money back from deposits and whatnot.

Worst case scenario we live at my parent's house for a spell (although that will majorly screw with the kids' schooling)

I know this is what we just is freaking us out that we may actually get it.

We are hoping to know within 2 weeks.  Until new to-do list of 37 things is calling....along with non-stop meetings, Bookfair, G-man's mom coming to visit.  I have enough to do and focus on so I am not worrying about the move.

Oh and as a side "31" To-Do list...I got down to 3 things left...and they have been shelved for a bit.  They need to get done before my mother-in-law comes...but if I do it now...I will just have to re-do it.  So they will wait for a bit.


  1. Remember you will always pick what is best for your family so don't worry about the move or anything else until you have to.

    Hope everything is going well


  2. Everything will end up working out in the end. I would be afraid of a pay cut as well though!

  3. I haven't been following all of this, so sorry if you covered in detail, but what are the pros of the move? Does it provide huge long-term advantages that will outweight the short term challenges (job loss, relocation, etc)?

    Best of luck to you guys as you make your decisions!

  4. I agree it's the not knowing that makes it most stressful, once you know, even if it's less money, at least you can start to make a plan and take some action. good luck!

  5. It is good you are confident, however it seems like finding another job these days in the U.S is nearly impossible. Seems like there is a tremendous amount of competition for even entry level jobs. $10k may not seem like a very large drop, but it can be. Add in moving costs which many people underestimate and you could add a large amount to your debt.
    I know you want to move...I get that. Just worried with the American economy in near freefall, it may not be the best move to make.

  6. Actually things have been perking up lately. I know several people who have recently found jobs (including myself). It really depends on the area you're moving to. For example, in North Dakota it is extremely easy to find a job right now. (Not sure many people want to live there, but the jobs are plentiful.)

  7. @Judy - I know we will make the right is just pushing past that nausea feeling while you are making it!

    @Michelle - thanks

    @Hawaii - we WANT to relocate to this area, so that is a BIG PRO. The cost of living is cheaper, we love the area, and my parents are there. There is a potential for advancement, but not a huge advancement. The biggest problem is the way the gov't does the job scale. We really needed the higher grade to get anywhere. Hopefully we would get that in about a year.