Wednesday, October 12, 2011

At least that is settled now

No move for us.  At least now we can move forward on some other decisions that were waiting on this.

1)  Bossy's bedroom carpet - if we were moving, we were going to put in a less expensive, neutral carpet.  Now we will put in the gray carpet that we wanted (a little more expensive, but MUCH better).

2)  Windows - we found out that yesterday that to fix 2/3 of the broken windows, it would be $110.  So we will just do that and be done.  The third window will be $316 plus installation....that will wait for now.

3)  My car - I was concerned about taking on new debt right before we would try and get a new mortgage.  Now I can get my new-to-me car whenever the time comes.

It is what it is.  I am not holding my breath on moving....not like I did 6 years ago when we started this process.  I honestly believe that there is a major factor at play that no one will just own up  G-man doesn't have the education they are looking for.  Yes, it says "or equivalent work experience."  But obviously they don't think he has that.  I have played the education card already, and he doesn't listen to me.  Until someone else tells him that is the problem.....nothing is going to change.

A part of me in relieved.  I have WAY too much going on to worry about selling a house right now.


  1. Uncertainty is way worse than yes or no. Glad that you found out even if it isn't the best answer.
    It's funny how the wife doesn't know anything but the same message from a different mouth is worth believing somehow. So frustrating! I know.

    I am a big fan of new flooring - all types! Love the feel of new carpet on bare feet!! :)

  2. Well, part "sorry to hear that", part "congrats" on settling your situation. I will agree that sometimes, it's better to know one way or the other than being stuck in limbo not knowing. Even if the answer isnt what you were hoping for, it is an answer and it allows you to move forward one way or another.

    I'll have to look back on your blog (new follower) to see about the education, but nowdays, with online classes and what not, it is becoming a lot easier to 'return to school' than a few years ago.

  3. At least you know now, and like you said, focus your attention and efforts on some of the other things.

    Love your blog by the way.

  4. @B-Kat - yeah...amazing how I don't "understand" how it works. *sigh* I love carpet too....I am excited to get this for Bossy.

    @Tanner - G-man has a HS diploma. Most of these jobs want a Master's Degree (although MANY people at work think that is overkill for the level of the job). But I think even a Bachelor's would help his cause. He has been resistant to school because 1) he doesn't like it, 2) "I don't have time", and 3) blah blah blah. Welcome by the way!

    @Dreamin - Onward and upward. And welcome to you too! Thanks for reading.