Wednesday, October 19, 2011

This is OUR week for the nickel and dime expenses

On top of being a crazy week for meetings and such, we have all sorts of small-ish expenses that crept up on us.

1)  Shirt and patches for Bossy for Cub Scouts - $60

2)  School pictures x 2 - not sure yet as I have to figure out the package, but last year it was about $80 dollars for both (what a rip off)

3)  Girl scout dues - $10

And this isn't this week...but in a few weeks we have a $13 expense for Cub Scouts for an event, AND his fundraiser is due...and it is ridiculously expense ($17 for ONE bag of popcorn).

It never ends....


  1. I feel ya on the cub scouts. I just spent $35 on scout stuff. I am hoping to recoup some loss by selling his old stuff on ebay. If I were smarter I would have bought his stuff on ebay, but I procrastinated.

  2. $80 for pictures?? That is CRAZY! Ours was $36 for 2 kiddos. I am not sure I would be willing to buy school pictures at that price. But, if you are like me, I don't think any pictures would get taken if I didn't buy the school ones. :)


  3. I hated boyscout popcorn! But I wasnt a big fan of girlscout cookies either. School pictures are insane. I never bought them just took the kids to sears or pennys with a coupon

    Hope you week gets better.


  4. $80 for pictures is crazy. I think we spent $40 for two kids, but another $25 for soccer pictures. . . it adds up!

  5. Those are some expensive photos... I'd go with what Judy say and take the kids to JCP or other places that do photography. You could probably buy them some nice on-sale summer clothes with the savings!

  6. I never had a school (individual picture taken of my kids in school. I would gt the classroom shot. But the pictures were not good and expensive. I have to confess I bought a $20.00 bag of the most expensive caramel corn from a little cub scout last week. He was so cute! Caramel corn was awful. It is like this with kids. You have to budget a minimum of $100.00 month for two children for expenses.

  7. I saw the boy scouts selling popcorn outside of my grocery store...i thought it was $3, and when I got closer and saw it was $17 I almost peed my pants!
    holy crappola!

  8. Our school pics are very expensive. And I order a very small package (basically, one picture for us (not even an 8x10!), one for each grandparent, and a few wallets, and class picture). We have done JCP when they were little, and we would spend there too. Even with $4 get this pose, that pose, one of them add up.

    And the popcorn....we have had alot of people say they wish they could support the BSA, but the fundraiser is just too expensive.