Saturday, October 22, 2011

R.I.P. Minivan

First of all....I am sorry I have no idea what is going on in all of your lives. I have been at school 12 hrs a day for the past 2 days!! car is dead.

G-man was going to try and patch it one last time.  He fixed one problem.  One problem we decided to ignore for the moment.  But the third problem...

He THOUGHT it was the fuel regulator.  Bought a new one, and some tool he needed.  Total cost for all parts he needed (including the one other problem he fixed) was about $80.  However....he was wrong.  It wasn't the fuel regulator.

After replacing the part (which by the way, we can't return)...he started the car...and gas SHOT out of the engine compartment. Like, a STREAM of gas.  That isn't good.

In my ever so expert, mechanic like was the fuel rail thingy that attaches the fuel injection system to the engine.

He called to order the part....yeah....they don't make that part anymore.  We would have to get it from a junk yard.  He called the junk yards...found one for $65.  But we can't get the part until Monday, and then it would be Tuesday before it could be installed.

Meanwhile....I have no car.  Bossy is missing a cub scout thing this morning because I can't drive him.  I am stuck in the house (which of course THIS weekend is a problem).  If I start my car, gas will shoot out all over and probably catch fire.  That would really ruin my day.

Additionally, I need to go to work on Monday (I have Tuesday off), Wednesday, Thursday.....the kids have things.  I have things.  I need a car!!!

So now we are looking at a rental car option for a few days.  What was supposed to be a $65 fix has turned into hundreds of dollars.  And the kicker....I didn't want to fix the car.  I wanted to get a new car.  HE wanted to try and fix it.  And in the process.....has made a bigger mess.

I am so stressed and angry about this.  This is exactly what I didn't want....being in a position where we HAVE to get a car NOW.

Plus, we now have to figure out how to get my car somewhere as a trade in...which I will get probably nothing for.  I can't drive it.  We will have to tow it.  There is a dealership today only that is having a Monster Truck thing...and if you bring in your car....they will offer UP to $3000 for it, and you get to watch it get crushed.  HAHAHA.


  1. I completely understand what you're going through. My chevy car just went to car heaven this month. They towed it yesterday, and I didn't even want to see it go. The engine shattered (yes, they can shatter) and it was well beyond repair. We didn't want to sell it to a junk yard, so I found a friend that bought it off me for $300. The body is pristine, and so is everything else... except the motor. It hurt me to see it go, and I do NEED a car.

    That monster truck thing sounds... different. I couldnt do it with my poor chevy, but hey, if they want to offer you up to $3000 to crash a vehicle you didnt want, that could be a decent/healthy down payment on a car you'd like!

  2. I love the monster truck thing. That could be pretty cathartic for some people who hate their car, wink, wink!

    I'm sorry to hear about your car though. I am wishing for you to have a whole week without something happening. No leaking or exploding of any kind. I would shoot for more but I am trying to be realistic. ;)

  3. We have a used car lot in town that rents clunkers cheap, for people in your situation, Call around so you can rent a car. Sorry, I want that car to die also!

  4. Sorry about your car. The monster truck thing sounds awesome though!

  5. I feel your pain. Our car (2003 Passat wagon) unexpectedly died this past summer. The fix, IF (and it was a very big if) it could have done, was more expensive than it was worth, so we bit the bullet and bought a new-to-us car. We are a one-car family, and were heading out of town on our annual camping trip the next weekend, so finding something new in a hurry was imperative and we lucked out. I love our new minivan, but hate, hate, hate having a car payment again.

    We are going to donate our car after the first of the year and use the write-off on our 2012 taxes. We could sell it for parts, but just don't want the hassle right now.

    Hope you find something soon.