Sunday, October 23, 2011

GBU - October 22, 2011

The Good: 
  • I am still alive.
  • Got a $25 check from auto insurance for "safe driving".
  • The move is back in play.
  • Two more weeks of chaos and then things calm down.
  • Came up with an idea for teacher Christmas gifts.

The Bad:
  • We may have to resurrect my car until we can find a new one.   
  • My new To-Do list.....UGH.  
  • The move is back in play.  
  • G-man is closer to finishing his "car problem" paperwork....but still not DONE (again...this has been in the works since JULY 2) 
  • Thinking of MAKING the teacher gifts instead of buying (they are cute....I think I can do it.....ugh).
    The Ugly:
    • Dead car = Rental Car = $$
    • Behind on making Halloween costumes
    • Home owners insurance went up ANOTHER $200 (this will be it's own post)
    • Our mattress is pretty close to dead
    • NEED to go grocery shopping....beyond the picking things up here and there, but payday isn't until Wednesday.
    • School pictures were exactly $80....and that was a small package!

I have no idea why my format is off....and I can't mess with it anymore.  So it is what it is!  Sorry!  It is just turning out to be that kind of day.
      You know the deal....what are your GBUs this week?????

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    1. Does Hubby know that there is a statue of limitations on complaints, if this is about the car issue from a few months ago. Not to add fuel to the fire. I am glad you listed I'm alive as your first good thing. I have felt like that so many times. Well at least I am alive! Shows you have a pretty good attitude.