Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Finding Your Bliss Wednesdays

New series folks....

Finding Your Bliss is all about finding something in your day that renews your energy, lifts your spirits, makes you feel all warm and gooshy inside.  Finding that one thing in your day that keeps you going.  Those of us on a debt free journey can get discouraged and feel like there is NOTHING good in our lives while this debt is a noose around our necks.

But c'mon people....aren't we all a bit mellow dramatic?  I know I am.  When I lament about how crappy it all is and nothing is right and I whine and cry about all I don't have (which I realize is alot....I re-read some old posts, and why didn't someone tell me what a cry-baby I am???????), there is ALWAYS something that is good.  ALWAYS.

Just like Good, Bad, Ugly....this is subjective.  My Bliss is not going to be your Bliss.  If cuddling your pet boa constrictor gives you Bliss....go for it (but for me....I shudder and cringe at this thought...but I am not a reptile kind of gal).

So think about Your Bliss for is still early in the day, so come back tonight and let me know what you discovered today!

ETA:  So, it is 7:05pm, and boy have I had a day!  Finding my bliss today is a challenge.  The ironic thing is that I was writing this post this morning when my day started to take the turn for the worse.

My Bliss for today:  Watching my son eat his entire sandwich for dinner.  For a child with a feeding tube, this is a huge accomplishment, and I am so proud of him.  I know that the energy we are spending working on it, and the extra occupational therapy sessions are well worth the money.  Good job Bossy Boy!!!  Mommy is so proud of you, and I love you whole big bunches!

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