Friday, April 2, 2010

The Money Shuffle

This morning has been all about the Money Shuffle.

Finally got the bill for G-man's recent business trip (which we had already received the travel funds for), so that money which was stashed in our savings account for save keeping got moved to the checking account.  That bill is now taken care of and I can stop worrying about "accidentally" spending the money.

My car is in the shop (we haven't been doing so well on cars lately).  The estimate is $693, but I have a 10% coupon, which will bring it down into the $640 range (the 10% is only for the service, the tax is separate...incase you were wondering why I can't seem to figure out that 10% off of $693 should bring it to $623).  So the money we had from our insurance check got transferred to cover that bill.

(ETA:  The bill ended up coming to $770 with the coupon.  The wonderful mechanic called us this afternoon to tell us he messed up adding it all up.  *sigh*)

Then we have the cell phone bill that is due on Sunday (but pay day is Monday).  Given that I missed my paycheck last payperiod, I had to float the money from our savings account to cover this bill.  On Monday that money will go BACK to the savings account.

Oh, and the cupboards are bare, and I am getting ready to go to the again, floating some money.

I was smart enough to figure how much all of this was in toto and make one transfer.  Amazing how quickly that money disappeared.

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