Friday, April 2, 2010

Sometimes it is about the heart

G-man spoke to his mom last night, and she offered to contribute to the kids' camp expenses for the summer.  She lives 400 miles away, only sees the kids 1-2x a year.  My nieces and nephew live 1 hour from her, so she sees them (and BUYS them stuff) all the time.  This is her way of feeling like she is taking care of her other grandbabies.

With this generous gift, it frees up some money that we had set aside for camp.  Thus began the "what to do with it."  The choices were either make a bulk payment to Hospital #1 bill, bulk payment to student loan, or other.  While the fiscally responsible thing would be one of those choices....we went with other.

Before you jump down my throat and yell "MYSTI!!!!  WHAT ARE YOU DOING????", keep reading.

We decided to buy 2 of these.

These are the crystal boxes we picked out for the cremains of our twin daughters that died 2.5 years ago.  I spent a long time looking for the right box for this.  Nothing was quite right.  But that Christmas, I bought these ornaments for them, and when I found a box that almost matched it, I knew I found the right one.

Their cremains are currently in a small box from the funeral home, which is weirdly "gift wrapped" in gray paisley paper.  We have never opened these boxes.  It has the crematorium certificate taped to the top.  And the boxes are in G-man's bureau, for safe keeping.

We couldn't afford the boxes.  And I refused to put it on credit (as I refused to put the cremation costs on credit) and know that I would spend years paying off their death.  Couldn't do it.  So we used up our savings on the cremation, and waited on the boxes.

Now we will be able to put our babies to rest.  Debt will have to wait.  Sometimes you have to go with your heart and do what you need to do.


  1. I understand your choice, Mysti, and just sometimes the heart choice is way more important than the sensible choice.


  2. Absolutely the right choice! I hope the boxes bring you much peace.

  3. They're beautiful, and absolutely the right choice for you and your family. May God bless you and yours.