Monday, March 29, 2010

Nothing like jumping the gun

This a total premature post.  But I got bored.  :)

The plan has always been to drive my poor car into the ground.  It is a 2000 with 133k on it, so not a spring chicken, but not 2 steps from the great beyond either.  We bought my car (actually, a minivan) when I was pregnant with Bossy and Sassy.  My Toyota Tercel just wasn't going to cut it with twins, and since we had planned on having 4 kids, we decided to buy a little larger than what we needed, and we would grow into it.

Fast forward 8 years and here we are. 

At some point my car will need to be replaced.  I am hoping to get at least 3 more years out of my car, maybe more.  But 3 is my goal...anything over that, is gravy.  Which got me thinking.....the car will buy in 3 years is probably being made right now.  HMMMM.

What I need is a website that I can plug in all my wants and needs, and BAM, it spits out my choices of car.  I am not good at looking at all these websites.  I get lost and confused (which is probably the intention anyway). 

I know I would like a hybrid.  Probably something in the small SUV category.  Must have good cup holders (the ones in my car stink.  Whoever designed them should be shot).  Decent cargo area for groceries.  A CD player.  And a built in video system for the kids.

(As a side note...they tried to sell us the video system when I was pregnant, and we SWORE that OUR children wouldn't watch tv in the car.  Well, for the most part, they don't.  But on the 14 hr drive to Grammy's bet your sweet bippy they watch some videos!)

Ok car guru people.  What is it that I want?

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