Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The little bits count

G-man watched me mess with the car loan accounts.  He didn't ask what I was doing.  He didn't comment.  He just watched.  It drives me nuts that he is so passive....but that isn't the point of this post.  The point is that I get a bug in my bonnet about something, and then I have to fix it.

The car loans are autodebited from my old checking account at the credit union (opened in 1990!!).  Money is direct deposited from our pay, and they take out the payment.  Because of 26 paychecks and dates that things get deposited, I keep a small buffer amount in the account.  If the buffer get too big, I transfer it to the EF.  But there is usually a few extra dollars in the account.

Yesterday's "bug" was the current amount owed on each car.    G-man's car was $4201.24, and mine was $6707.85.  They were both so close to rounding down to a nice, neat 00.00 number.  So I fixed it.  I transferred $1.24 and $7.85 to the principal on the loans.  Now they are $4200 and $6700, and I am happy.

I round stuff all the time.  All the bills get rounded (easier math in the checkbook).  If I over pay a bill, I get a small credit for the next month.  Some bills won't let me round....I don't like those.

Just like a weekly treat adds up over time....the little snowflakes do too.  :)


  1. Your loans are getting down there. Good job!

  2. I take it that means your payments are even numbers? I wouldn't try rounding, because interest always throws it out of whack anyway. I round things I can control, but don't bother personally with those I cant. Though if for a month that makes you happy, more power to you!

  3. I absolutely do this as well! it's just so much neater to see the zero's instead of all the tiny dollars and cents. If we could set up our auto pays to do that for us, life would be so much happier!

  4. I am also rounder, not a rounder:)

  5. I like seeing round numbers when I pay down debt too...I just did that yesterday with a credit card transfer...paid the $81.99 so that it would be a round number for me to deal with. :)